Thought experiment: What would happen if fitting modules wasnt instant?

What would happen if fitting a module to a ship would take time? Imagine after you hit “fit ship in the simulator, and confirmed” it worked sort of like an industry job. Maybe it would only take 5 minutes. Maybe some modules would be quicker to install than others. Maybe you paid isk depending on the time it costs to install it.

But what would be the ramifications of that? Other than the initial complaints that refitting modules to a ship is no longer instant and free. I think organising large fleets and battles will require slightly more planning as individual players cannot change the fittings on their ships in an instant. It seems it would give attackers slightly more of an advantage but i could be wrong. Let us discuss, or not :slight_smile:


Granted if this game was based on reality, then fitting a ship would definitely take time. However this is a Sci-Fi game with no regards to reality so yeah, fitting ships and various other aspects in-game can be done instantly.

Course the bottom line and obviously the main point - people in general are impatient so having any sort of time restraints placed on fitting ships would never happen, especially with the ‘Instant Gratification’ mindset currently plaguing this game.


I like this well-meaning post.

I don’t know how many sectors of EVE will be impacted but I don’t think many people refit ships on the fly especially if they are expecting their ship to die like in NS fights.

I am assuming this is refitting via Nestor/mobile depot and so on. Be a bit silly for station refits to not be instant.

What I do know is incursion runners will cry some tears if this is a thing. (WTM refits alot) :laughing: The min/maxers (like me) will probably grumble about this.

I feel like ‘instant gratification’ is a little different than ‘pointlessly sit there doing nothing for an arbitrary amount of time for no reason”. I can’t think of literally anything that would add to the game. It wouldn’t give an advantage to the attackers, defense doctrines are already fitted. It would just add a step of obnoxious-ness. I’m not sure that’s what eve is looking for right now. Also, no one playing Eve of all games is concerned with instant gratification.


Yah in the end, having refits outside of stations take time would probably just be an annoyance rather than a tactical consideration.

Stations/citidels are everywhere and PVP ships are fitted with death in mind.

This is a stretch as CCP literally introduced abyssal dead space help the crowd who doesn’t have 1-3hrs for a PVP op.

We have more SP packs and even small ships to buy to also cater to the instant gratification crowd who don’t want to wait X amount of days/weeks to train a V skill.

By all indicators there are small amount of people are here in this game to get instant success and will realize it’s hard to get.

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I think that this kind of thing would add some magic thats hard to explain. For example it could take only 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the size of the ship? And there will be a neat count-down timer while he waited for the ship to be delivered with the new modules and what not. It will give the player a small chance to breathe and maybe reflect on some things before venturing back into space

Something like this could play while the player waited 30 Second Jeopardy Countdown Timer - YouTube

Instant Gratification is why over the years CCP has dumbed down the game and made skilling super easy which basically removed ‘Specialized Careers’.

There’s a lot of other changes CCP has done to cater to the Instant Gratification mind set…


You are playing too much mobile games.

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And what exactly would this briliant feature bring to the game?

I know that EVE players loves when the game mechanics and UI are obstacles they need to overcome to actually do anything (instead of another players being this obstacles - that is a big no-no), but I see absolutely no meaningful impact this would have other than to make the game even more frustrating.

Gosh ! You mean there’s people who only have one of each type of ship and fitting ?

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Nothing but just another dumb thread.


If you can’t explain it to me like I’m a 5th grader I don’t want it.
“Magic” or BS?

Definitely BS

RIP Mobile Depots.

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I don’t think CCP should add barriers to getting ships undocked.
Who’s gonna put together a fast response fleet if they’ve gotta wait 10 minutes to muster and then another 10 minutes to switch to a doctrine fit?

I get that the idea was well meaning but it would be toxic to the PvP game.

I’ll go along with this thought experiment for a few steps. Try to keep up.

  1. Let’s assume you finally come home after a day’s work or school, you or your mom fix your dinner, you can finally sit down, and try that new Prophecy hull you finally got. You’re enthusiastic. You’re eager to run a few missions. You can’t wait !! Get the picture ? It’s the picture of a random rookie, still very un-bitter. Sweet innocence and all.

  2. He got a good fit from a friend. A mission runner’s fit, with specific hardeners, specific damage, an array of different drones. Shouldn’t be a problem for any lvl 3 mission, as long as you use the specific hardeners.

  3. But! Every ■■■■■■■ time he has to swap out a hardener he has to wait an extra 5 minutes, feeling that knot of frustration grow in his stomach before he can finally push Undock.

  4. When he realizes on the undock that he forgot that Minmatar is Expl/Kin and not Expl/Th he becomes the Angry German Kid, but this time for real. His mom or significant other comes to the EvE Cave to look what the commotion is. Perhaps a neighbour bangs on the wall, threatening to call the Police if the racket doesn’t stop

I said “a few steps”. It stops now

In conclusion:

Dear @Daim_Is ,

Here’s what I wish for your personal EvE experience: that your client is in perma-TiDi of 10%. your training and manufacturing speeds reduced by 250% and your Overview perma inverted upside down.

These will remain in effect until you make apologies for what you’re doing to the forum during that long boring summer you seem to suffer across all your alts.


It does take time…which is effectively the skills training required to use a particular ship or module. My noob alt has a fully fitted ship in dock, still waiting 5 days for Large Energy Turret V skill to complete.

That’s equivalent to 1440 of your 5 minute waits. Enough ! I’ve completed entire games in less time than it takes to train for some ship modules.

There’s already more than enough waiting in a game I’m paying a subscription for every month. Add more waiting for anything and I might just finally reach ‘Stuff This’ level V.


Im still down for this sort of approach. I also think there should be a small delay when moving items from containers. Because there is already a delay due to latency and it makes moving items around feel a bit glitchy. But you can delay it a bit more and make it feel more elegant, i guarantee it. Especially if a nice Hourglass or some sort of really nice pending animation comes up.

same thing with fitting. i would love for it to be a wholesome delay instead of the glitchy stuttering there is at the moment. Just a wholesome delay where it says “Please wait” or something. Only for about 5 seconds? Since anything longer doesent seem to be popular even tho i wouldnt mind.

This can also tie into the idea of EVE online being free to play and everyone is equal. Except people who dont have plex or never have purchased plex for IRL money only get “economy docking” where fitting things take a bit longer. You know what i mean? There is alot of potential here imo

Oh for sure, nothing more elegant than a ‘pending’ animation. Have you tried TiDi sir? That seems right up your alley.


Except that EvE is subscription based.

Paying extra cash to have your client run smoother ?
A lot of potential ?

LMAO. That’s new levels of trolling right there.


I don’t know how so many people miss this. Alpha is the demo version, not the full game,