Thread Closed

58 Billion

Positive Wallet balance

Kill rights: None

Jump clones: None

Character location: Docked in Jita

86,000 unallocated skill points

Full set High Grade Snakes implants

Excellent core ship skills (Level 5 shuttle mastery)

Level 5 mastery for Dramiel Frigate, Level 4 Cynabal Cruiser and Level 5 Machariel Battle Ship

Level 5 mastery for Minmatar transport ships

Level 5 mastery for Minmatar Tempest and Tempest Fleet issue Battleship

Level 5 mastery for Minmatar Tornado Battle cruiser

45b offer

65b counter



35b offer

Thanks for the offer, but I will pass


Abby Augustine 46B

51,5 B offer

55 and she is yours Johnfin Galtmon

51B offer good for 24 hours



Just a heads up that not all of the details required were disclosed, as per the character bazaar rules, all the following need to be listed:

B. Before making your thread
2. The character being sold must be in an NPC corporation at the time of posting, and for the entire duration of the sale/auction thread being active.

I’ll be going ahead and closing this thread, but please feel free to recreate your thread and make sure to include all the proper information and make sure that all the rules of the Character Bazaar are fulfilled.

Thank you! :slight_smile: