Ticket response times


I have had open tickets responding to GM’s for 3 or 4 days on the system but have had no response. Wondering if there is a lot of people on holiday at this time of year?




5 Days for mine self and no responding rather. Very disappointed about it. Hope they do respond during this weekend.

Yes there are a lot of people away during the holiday season. I apologies for the delays, we are working as fast as we can to respond as quickly as we can. Apologies again for the delays.

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ah well…good thing I found this forum post before I started crying about my first world problems…my tickets only been open for 20 some odd hours lol…thanks for working those of you that are :slight_smile:

I have been waiting for more than ten days. No one even tried to help.

I have been waiting a week since paying for and not receiving my Omega upgrade but no-one has even looked at the ticket yet

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