Time-Sensitive: Include "Biology" Notice on Cerebral Accelerators (and All Other Boosters)

Once again I failed to explain myself properly. :confounded: I meant when someone is paying actual money for the Cerebral Accelerator in question; the ones you get from events can stay tied to the Biology skill.

Or maybe Cerebral Accelerators should be something you only get from the store and the event rewards would explicitly be a type of Attribute-enhancing booster drug, like the ones that CCP was experimenting with back in the day? Cerebrokine, Encephol, Fetacole, Percephrine, and Pheromine could all be plundered from NPCs during live events, with the weakest versions being found in sites even a relatively new character can do.

It was the first thing that came to mind when Xeux mentioned someone using a CA without a single level in biology. Considering how it’s explicitly coded to only work for newbros, I thought it bore mentioning.

I also support this motion! Even if there isn’t a decoupling, people should know how everything interacts!

…also, it’s four in the morning and I need to ■■■■■■■ sleep. Good NIGHT!


I’m not sure who-or-what has you bothered, but I’m not the one you need to vent at. If something has you worked up, send me an EVEmail and we’ll talk (I mean that), otherwise find a bag of rice and punch it.

Also: I’ve never lost SP because of Biology, but thank you for asking.

This is objectively false

This doesn’t change because there would be no decoupling. What I’m proposing ENCOURAGES people to train Biology, which encourages booster use since they are made aware of boosters/see them as worth using as a result.

There is nothing wrong with educating players about the ways in which they could SIGNIFICANTLY improve themselves. They are entitled to feel bad about how badly they shorted themselves because of their ignorance, but I will not apologize for bringing this and the cheap remedy to their attention.

SP butthurts players like nothing else. SP falls in the Top 3 All-Time Butthurt in EVE. Players are fine with missing out on turret bonuses from implants and boosters and module/rig enhancements because that can change after the fact - not so much SP.

It’s a Massive QoL improvement. Ask anyone who paid $40 but only got $20 worth.

There’s no reason to believe that.
This thread is a hint at the opposite.

No, it isn’t. If CCP addresses this,
there will be less SP available to be gathered in the future individually,
compared to if they just left it at that.

The reason is that, when people know about Biology V,
a whole lot more people will skill it to gain more SP,
which will bring CCP to reduce the individually achievable amount of SP.

In your narrow minded wisdom it never occured to you that those …
… who skilled Biology V …
… might have been considered by CCP as well.

And I’m not yet even touching on how free SP influences the market.
There is no chance they’re not going to reduce the individually achievable amount of SP.

Yeah. You’re telling everyone about Jesus and they will scramble hard to obey his rule, so they get to heaven.

So in this case you’re making a whole lot of people skill Biology to V so they don’t feel like they’ve been missing out. They wouldn’t have felt that way if it wasn’t for you, btw.

This is wrong.
Those who didn’t know never felt like they’ve lost anything.

They can’t. They didn’t know.

That’s why I believe you’re just butthurt about CCP,
because you figured it out and now you’re angry about it.

Who is white-knighting who now :rofl:?

The influx of L0->L5 is not going to wreck havoc on the market.

Biology is already an existing, cheap, quick-to-train skill. It is already “”“exploitable”"" by anyone who possesses knowledge of it. CCP isn’t going to lower SP yields just because an education campaign by them or anyone else was widely successful.

I know you don’t believe that, so I really don’t know why you’re making these personal attacks. Redirect your frustrations somewhere else.

I do believe it. All evidence points at it.
But hey … so be it. vOv

In case things go as I expect …
… I’ll make sure everyone knows who to thank it for.

And, to be fair …
… when it goes the way you think it will …
… I will also make sure everyone knows who to thank it for.

Whether or not my “Biology notice” idea has any appeal, perhaps this should (also) be tagged onto to cerebral accelerators:

Cerebral Accelerators persist through death and are attached to the character rather than the clone, so clone jumps and pod losses will not affect the training speed or stop Cerebral Accelerators from working.

:point_up_2: from CCP’s support page


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