Time to make Windows 10 as *minimum* supported on Windows platforms

Easier and more sense to align with W10 as mininum on all Windows deliveries. Less burden.

Take your free W10 upgrade and stop being an anchor around everybody else’s neck.

So how much of a hypothetical burden are we talking about?

Do you have any measurable insights about this burden? And whether the costs of this burden are higher than the profits of keeping up support?

Until then, this thread feels kind of pointless.

Stop holding everybody back, take your free W10 upgrade and move on.

So don’t read or post in it then.

I’ve been using Windows 10 since shortly after it was introduced.

I’m just here because I enjoy pointing out flaws in argumentation and boy does this thread have many.

You just complained your time here is pointless.

No, the thread is pointless. I’m enjoying posting.

Edit: Someone thought it necessary to again flag one of my posts in this thread as off topic. I would say that this post is very much on the topic of this thread and is in direct response to the OP. It literally -is- about the thread. If you think otherwise, I would appreciate if you respond to my post rather than flag it.


It’s probably capable.

It’s probably just the TPM check which is saying no. And there’ll be a TPM embedded in your CPU.

If it’s intel, it’s probably a bios option called PTT. If it’s AMD, it’ll be fTPM

(I’m not saying you should upgrade now. I’m not planning on upgrading any time soon. Just so you have the option)

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This isn’t about upgrading to W11, this is about W10 as a minimum requirement.

yea they’d have to really clean 11 up from what i been hearing from my tech expert friends, before i decide to go that route.

I was replying to someone saying their machine wasn’t capable, letting them know it probably was, with a bios change.


It’s a tiny tiny fraction of the gaming use and in decline. Other smaller platforms are increasing.

This is the very excuse people use to criticise Linux, oh it’s such a tiny market, well so is W7 and W8 and W8.1 with one important difference, it is being depreciated and in decline.

Let the thing rot.

And yet it is still more users of Steam for gaming than Linux and OS X combined.

So if they are adding support for even smaller markets, why drop support for existing markets that have yet to dwindle to that point?

Once again: nobody says it won’t happen someday, but it does not make sense to do it today per your own published data.

Business logic says: hey, number are dropping, we should start assessing this and decide where out cut off will be, and make sure we have an action plan when it is reached.

As demonstrated by the DX9 announcement, CCP does that kind of monitoring and analysis, and will in fact pull the plug on W7-8.1 when it makes sense to do so from a business logic perspective.

took 5 years for them to phase out dx9…

Windows 7 seems less “dead” than Linux:

1.13% of Steam users on Linux, versus 3.89% for Windows 7 (64 bit).

Four times as many people are still using Windows 8.x (64 bit), compared to Ubuntu 20.04

But in relation to this:

That’s what you did right? You upgraded to Windows 10 and just run that, no problem?

Or, it’s just - other people should upgrade, so you can continue your choices with no problem?


Windows 7 is awesome and it’s the last desktop oriented version of the Microsoft OS and also it’s awesome while being awesome.

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