Tin foil theory: EVE is not a game, it is a scam

What if EVE was never meant to be a game, but a system to keep people clicking for hours just to buff the users online count to attrack more people and make more money?

Where this comes from?
-Characters don’t start with the 1 mil skill points (even more sp would be better)
-Factories don’t have production lines, everytime you have to log on just to deliver items and restart
-Jump clone cooldown, that forces us to travel to the player stations
-etc, cooldowns and everything else that demands a lot of clicking

EVE was never a fluid game, everything is built in a way that keeps people logged for more time, it’s almost as if it is by design!

The trailers show adventures, the game brings lots of clicking and a lot of preparations!
Even if you are a full time pvper, there were people working on those mining, gas huffing, reprocessing, minerals, pi, blueprints, manufacturing, hauling, contracting and marketing!

How many hours of clicking and waiting are required to build a Cruiser and fit with T2?

People will have to log a lot, click a lot, burn hours and hours in clicking, hours waiting and there’s the preparations then… but the EVE trailers are about adventures and not about clicking, waiting and doing chores.

All those keep the number of logged users as high for as many hours as possible, then after being scammed people can do other activities.

In the end of the day making EVE a second job was by design all along, just in attempt to keep the amount of online users high for many hours as possible.

It is just to keeping you here.


How is that different than any other game?


they commit to the game’s fluidity

But I didn’t see that in EVE, in EVE I saw a game designed just to keep you online

Try pvp then? You’ll find all the

you can handle.

Wait till you see the clicks in PI.

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