Tiswas or Swap Shop

I bet gankers griefers and general douchebags watched Tiswas, and the carebears please don’t hurt us crowd watched Swap shop. Which side were you on?

Both, but I mainly remember G-Force and Star Fleet

Battle of the planets G-Force awesome cartoon. Used to look forward to that every sat morning.

Funny how not one colonial reply as they have no idea what is being talked about here!

G-Force? Battle of the Planets? Nae, here it was Comando G!

And then of course, there was Him.

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English version.

Ok here we go opening slot for swap shop super carebearish imo.

And opening credits for Tiswas. Gankers paradise imo.

G-Force was heavily edited for British TV if I remember correctly. The two irritating droids weren’t in the original version I think, they were used to fill the gaps.

Star Fleet (aka X Bomber) Dai X junction:

Let the memories flow through you…

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Stroll onnnnn!


The higgs ancher we fit is probably a re-purposed zeroid ( if I remembered the name correctly).

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