Slave 1, or Spit in the face of nanny corporations to support Boba Fett!

I think I speak for most EVE players at least when I say that PC “woke” culture is a heap of tyrannical garbage that mostly exists in the imaginary world of the mass media which is in a sickening symbiotic relationship with nanny corporations functioning as a virtual nanny state.

From cancelling the careers of human beings just for expressing opinions, to destroying their reputations for just daring to give a like to a meme deemed offensive to these hyper-ventilating thought police, none of us are safe from this state of 1984 pushed by corporate and other holier-than-thou fascists and their short sighted agendas.

They are anything but woke. They are such knee jerk airheads they are in fact UNwoke.

I will not name the corporation behind the latest bit of politically correct reactionary nonsense. But it has come to my attention that Boba Fett’s starship, which is and will forever be “Slave 1”, is suffering a moronic attempt to rename it “Boba Fett’s Starship”. I am not kidding.

We can fight this idiocy! We can win! It has only been our silence that has allowed this mental illness to fester and poison our collective social dialog!

In protest of this UNwoke garbage I invite you to name any ship you are flying in to “Slave 1”. When I hit D scan, I would love to see swarms of Slave 1s in protest of both this loony corporate attempt to change history and the cancer that is political correctness!

Go now! Help me make a stink so huge even corporate ninnies in their board rooms will keel over coughing and gasping for air! If enough pilots name their ships “Slave 1” it could draw enough media attention to deliver a firm smack to the faces of these truly UNwoke idiots and let them know we have had ENOUGH of this insanity!

Spread the word in local!

Slave 1 forever!

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Question 1: When was it ever referred to as “Slave 1” on screen?

Question 2: Why would a bounty hunter name their ship “Slave 1”?

Question 3: who honestly cares what the name of the ship is? (And thus who cares if they change it)


@Phelan_Kheldian Answering your questions would be futile as you clearly missed any point I made.

Slave 1 forever!

Disney utterly destroys any franchise they get their hands on…


sorry but in no way shape form or fashion, will you ever speak on behalf of EVE players.


Not what I said or meant. Please have yourself some coffee, take a few moments and try and pull yourself up from what is probably the most abysmally daft post you have posted in months.

Oh, I know what your point is. You missed mine entirely. Which is fine, I figured you would considering the brand terms you used.

I can honestly say as a viewer of star wars, i’ve never heard of his ship being called that… so for me, meh, really don’t care… the only ships i care about having names is in the other Star show.


You did not show anything indicating you know my point in either of your posts.

And you did not make any points, but merely asked some off point questions.

You actually think the point is the name of the ship? :roll_eyes: I think you didn’t have that coffee I suggested yet…

Maybe the next time something you love gets destroyed by UNwoke culture you might wake up a bit. Not betting on it, but maybe.

Incidentally yet another actress is “under fire” for daring to like a meme. If your response to this idiocracy is going to be to shut up and do nothing, then I urge you personally to shut up and do nothing.

WWE superstars are constantly under fire for many things… Some lose their jobs, and are somehow able to come back… Banks is especially dense in some stuff she posts or likes… I really don’t see anything happening to her.

her body her choice.

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My point was made by your unwillingness to answer those questions.

The name “Slave-1” didn’t appear in the script. I don’t believe it appeared in the novelization. I believe the first time it was actually used was (ironically) on a toy box. So, the first question was to bring up the point of how little canon supports that name.

The second question is about the name itself. If either Fett named the ship “Slave-1”, they would have a reason. But there is never a reason given for the name. Considering it’s a personal ship, you’d expect the owner of the ship to have a good reason for the name used. Ask anyone who owns a ship, most of them have good reasons for the name they give their ships. This question shows that the name of the ship is unimportant; changing it has literally no effect on the series.

The third question shows that while you complain of “idiocy”, “this mental illness to fester and poison our collective social dialog”, and making “a stink so huge even corporate ninnies in their board rooms will keel over coughing and gasping for air”, that you’re the one who is so easily offended and upset…

Most of us simply don’t care because it doesn’t change anything. It’s not like changing the name of an iconic and important ship like the Enterprise, Galactica, Serenity, or Millennium Falcon.

But you care about a barely canonized name that has no meaning… which begs the question: why do you care so much about the name “Slave-1”… no need to answer, I have my assumptions and more importantly: I don’t care.

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That alone shows how completely lost you are.

The Slave 1 issue is not the stack of bricks to break a camel’s back. Its the straw. It could be the LAST straw if folks finally stand up and put their foot down.

Masses of us naming our ships in space to Slave 1 is just an easy way for EVE players to show solidarity against this insane PC unwoke culture that is damaging not only our entertainment, but our society as a whole.

I don’t care about Slave 1 personally. But I guarantee hardcore Boba Fett fans do. If you are to be such a negative Nancy about such a simple protest against the asshattery behind this small decision and much larger ones as well, where do you think the Boba Fett fans are going to be when something you care about gets wrecked?

The point is PC fascism is screwing up just about anything you can imagine. Slave 1 is just a vehicle to express our collective anger.

You do?
How did you arrive at that conclusion?
I know for a fact that since your post doesn’t even name whoever it is you have a problem with that you do not in any way speak for me.
So… one down, good luck with the rest.

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Oh Bob! You semantics police are as bad as the thought police!

Its not a WHO. Its a WHAT. I named woke culture and cancel culture. Its right THERE.

That’s what I am referring to.
You don’t seem to have the spine to even name the corporation you want others to back you up in your protest of.
Its not semantics, you simply don’t speak for me because I don’t even know for sure who you are talking about. That’s not me “policing” you, that’s me being skeptical of whatever your problem is.

Slave 1 never existed, it was always Boba Fett’s Starship, you are just imagining things. :stuck_out_tongue:

On another news:

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Point 1) The protest is about much more than just one corporation

Point 2) Courage will not prevent me being banned from the forum again, nor will it reopen a thread that gets closed.

Wake up. You don’t even have the courage to rename your ships to Slave 1, so don’t lecture me about courage.

I never said YOU. I said MOST EVE PLAYERS. You aren’t.

I believe most EVE players think PC UNwoke culture is a dumpster fire in need of a righteous hosing. I believe most EVE players support the freedom of people to be vocal and even coarse. I believe most EVE players have testicular fortitude. I believe most EVE players reject the idea of having their words and thoughts policed by idiots.

You disagree. I support your right to think wrong.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode I thought roleplay is not allowed in out of pod?