Titan's Hammer

To encourage Titan PvE anywhere in Eve Online, I would like to present ‘The Titan’s Hammer’. The Titan’s Hammer is a yearlong event that will be dedicated to the Titans of Eve Online, or those who have been awarded a Titan Chevron on the monument in Iceland.

The yearlong event would include random missions offered to the Titan every week, 3 missions a week. The missions would take place anywhere in New Eden, even deep Null sec Sov. Each mission would have a LP value of 100,000 LP to be used at the Titan Hammer’s LP Office. 250 mil ISK + any modules and scraps that the Titan decides to salvage. Some of the missions could be simple courier missions, or complex missions where the Capsuleer would have to raid so many ESS and return the Tokens to a Titan Hammer’s Station. Each mission would also drop a section of the Titan’s Hammer, 55 sections dropped, only 52 sections are needed, that would then be used to build a very powerful, Jovian class of ship. The Jovian ship would have 8 high slots, 8 mid slots and 8 low slots, 2 rig slots and would be able to mount any type of weapon in the High Slot, including Trig and Edencom as well as one Drifter weapon. The Jovian ship would not have drones, would have the ability to self-repair its armor, without the need of an armor repper. Resistances would start out at 45% across the board for shields, armor and hull. Tracking and missile guidance bonuses would be built into the ship and would have bonuses of 45%. Weapon damage and rate of fire would also be built into the ship and would be 300% for small weapons, 200% for medium and 100% for large weapons. Adding modules that increase said bonuses would only add 5% bonuses for said bonuses, regardless of module used. Only one module for each bonus could be fit to the ship. The ship would have medium hit points, 6,000 for shield, armor and hull to start out with.
Random BPC drops of the Jovian ship would also take place. The BPC would produce one Jovian Titan ship. The number of BPC seeded would be 1,000.

For a Titan to truly be a Titan in New Eden, the Titan must have the ability to stand 200 feet tall and smash everything it comes across that isn’t a Jovian class ship. But when two Jovian Titan’s encounter each other, they must fight. If two or more Jovian Titan’s enter the same solar system, the Jovian ships are pulled into a 1,000 km circle of death where the Titan’s must fight in order to leave the circle of death. The Titan’s that leave the circle, are then allowed to roam freely.

‘Two Titan’s enter, one Titan leaves.’

Ladies and Gentlemen, come and watch the Titan’s, hammer each other into the ground, but you can’t enter the circle, maybe. Bets can be placed…

…Boys and girls, of all ages… dying times here.

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