Titans:/Supers in 6 months?

How many supers or Titans can Panfam and co likely produce in 6 months? Would it be better economics to equip everyone with dredds? My understanding these are the cheapest counter to supers.

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It does not matter at all. In the same time, TESGOO will produce triple the numbers and alts.

The best solution would be to just self-destruct every titan and super in the north, self-destruct (if we would finally get that button) all structures in the north, and leave TESGOO to fester away on their own power-induced boredom.

This is how the last war should have ended if there weren’t sissies like Sort who rather lick boots instead of creating a huge crash with unimaginable fatalities. It would be spectacular for a time.

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What did they do to deserve that title of sissies ?

Pay rent to TESGOO to be left alone for 6 months.


At this point,not enough. i guess not enough of either supers or dreads. While dreads are a counter to titans and supers, doomsdays and faxes make it way harder for a dreadbomb to snatch more than a couple of kills before they are wiped out.

…in New Eden…

No worries, I got you :slight_smile:

And who could blame them when their so-called allies were either absent or brought nothing more than ecm-bursting frigates to the crucial fights. But yeah, if all you are going to fly is a cormorant, you might as well whole-sale your super fleet.

As far as I remember, GOTG was underrepresenting almost every time considering their alliance numbers and sort’s boasting. :man_shrugging:

No, just the north. I want to see that rotten pile of vile in the south to fester and die a horribly slow heat death together with the cluster.

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Kinda agree.

Me, as WH hermit and a newbie always have question from afar about nullsec.

Why wont north become one and forming MBC again? Why they fighting with themselves? They got the ships and number, why not use it? What is with the drama? Didnt they see goons bolstering up since years ago?

Does elite pvp status is that good? ISK possitive is everything? Strongest coalition in the galaxy isnt a goal?

Well, people taste are different. Maybe this result is what both sides want anyway. Which is Goon keep the biggest coalition like usual, and the other side have their confirmation of “we can defeat them if we all want it.”

At least goons gets a bit humble from now on. Try to build and maintain positive image. Try a bit welcoming to newbros. Not playing the villain role. Knowing to not poke the whole EVE awake anymore.

Well, CCP did say they will be addressing sub-cap vs cap balance. Depending on what and when they do, this will improve the situation somewhat to whatever degree. It definitely won’t solve the problem, but hopefully there will be some serious improvements.

Also don’t forget this whole situation has at least in a very large part come out of PLs own doing, general attitude of being dicks to people etc. as well as forcing test to ally with goons. Now everything is screwed.

My firm belief is that sub-caps should be by far more capable at taking out caps then is currently the case. While large fleet engagements would still go in favor of cap fleets, the entities that do not have as many would have an option to realisticly and in a meaningful way whittle down the cap ships over time via guerrilla tactics. This is what is missing in the game. Too few ways to do this right now, too limited, too infrequent etc.

At that time TEST was already friendly with Goons. Had they said “Hey, we want to have some fun, let’s attack Goons together”, I doubt that PL would have attacked TEST.

Perhaps, or perhaps not. PL are dicks to such an extent (even to their own people numerous times) that if that were to happen I would fully expect them to ally with goons for 2-3 engagements and take out test instead.

MBC was a farcical lie permeated by those simply looking to take space in the North, had it not been they would have gone south as soon as goons started setting up.
MBC won nothing, merely empty systems that the inhabitants had left behind.

Not sure… but Somer Blink could produce 100 per day!

Recycling the same 10 titans endlessly through their RMT gambling mill is not the same as building them.

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