Titans & Tethering

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Not sure if this goes here but a TITAN has a warp core strength of 50 with lvl V right.

If i cyno onto an astra - Break jump invuln so my 30s tether timer starts going down - Can an interceptor with 1 POINT stop me from tethering, or would they need to undock a HIC (or 51 Scram STR)



A single point should not prevent you from tethering. A normal warp scrambler or focused warp scrambler/warp disruptor of a Heavy Interdictor should prevent you from tethering.

Sidenote: @ISD_Buldath Could someone fix this support article to clearly state whether the scram alone prevents you from tethering or if the scram also needs to surpass your ship’s warp core strength to prevent tethering.

You need only be locked for tether to be broken

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All they need to stop you tethering is lock you

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