To BootCamp, or Not to BootCamp my iMac?

So… Today I encountered a strange log in issue -tried to log in and could not even launch the EVE launcher! Keept getting a error message about not being able to retrieve GUI version info.

After troubleshooting and digging around online, the idea of BootCamping Windows onto my iMac has been suggested.

Now, I was already well aware of Boot Camp, but hoped to be able to play EVE without that extra step.

But I see claims that BootCamping will ALSO improve overall performance quality of EVE…

I guess I just am curious to hear from more iMac users on the subject as I decide…

To Boot Camp, or Not to Boot Camp?

P.s. I don’t need speeches about how Mac sucks. I choose iMac for reasons outside of gaming, and not gonna change that now.

Just seeking out assurances and advice on deciding about BootCamp…


While I love the Mac, it just sucks for playing Eve. I’ve played eve for several years on Mac but finally I installed bootcamp a couple of years ago and never regretted it.

The only issue is it can be slow to switch back and forth. If I’m working in Mac mode and my corp pings “blingy ship tackled, need dps NOW!” I rarely make it in time.

So basically:

  • less bugs
  • better graphics/performance
  • slower time to switch to windows and load Eve.
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Have you thought about 2 installations of Eve? one on mac for emergencies and another on windows for general play.

I have that, but I tend to forget to update the emergency version, which makes it take even longer to start up :stuck_out_tongue:

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