Using Bootcamp?

(Raya Ayas) #1

I can run Eve on my iMac without crashing when I use optimized for memory mode, despite having ample RAM. There was a thread on the old forum suggesting this due to Wine only able to use 3 Gb, or something. But running in optimized for memory mode kind of sucks, since the graphics in quality mode look so much better. Also, I find that I can’t keep up with fleetmates, since it seems like it takes my client an extra tick or two to session change when jumping gates.

One suggestion on the old forum was to use bootcamp and run the Eve windows client. I recall some comments that the windows client runs much better. I’d like to hear from anyone that has gone this route. I hardly know where to begin. For instance, I didn’t even know Bootcamp was already installed until I tried to find how much it costs.

I think I need a special particion? How much should I dedicate to it?
Will I need to download and install all of the third party stuff (pyfa, discord, etc.) in the Windows partition?
What version of Windows should I use? 7? 8? 10?
Any other tips from someone that has done this would be appreciated.

(Tiranius Avetus) #2

Bootcamp let’s you install Windows in a separate hard drive partition, also providing Apple drivers to support Mac hardware under Windows. Bootcamp will handle creating partition itself, you just need to choose it’s size. This only depends on how much you plan to install under Windows. 50GB partition size was enough for me to hold Windows itself with EVE Client and several applications like pyfa and EFT.

Performance in Windows to me was at least 50% better than in macOS.
Using MacBook 13 late 2013 (Intel Iris 5100 integrated graphics) i was able to set almouts
all setting to high, and still get above 30 fps on average

(Dybbuch) #3

hoping i didnt screw the pooch … but just dropped cash on parallels …
hoping ill be able to run more than one client on it .
ill let you know

(Raya Ayas) #4

Please follow up on this. The big drawback to bootcamp is rebooting to switch back and forth between OSes, and having to download every apps window client.