To end The War

(Arrendis) #185

The threat comes from enemy capsuleers, Diana. You use the installation to draw them out. Or are you just so much of a coward that you prey on baseliners?

(Diana Kim) #186

Even more ignorance, just great.
Public records are called public, because even such pubbie as you could see them, and see what I kill.
Or do you simply enjoy being humiliated in front of everyone because you opened your mouth before checking facts first?

(Arrendis) #187

And how often do public records include capsuleer on baseliner stats? Faugh. Why am I even discussing this with someone who continues to tacitly admit she’s a liar.

(Ria Nieyli) #188


(Diana Kim) #189

Oh, you even have hallucinations now?
Go visit a doctor. I am not sure they could treat CDS, but give it a try.

(Arrendis) #190

Well, you haven’t refuted it, now have you? That’s tacit confirmation, Di-di.

(Aria Jenneth) #191

I guess that’s true of the ones you might run into guarding various sites, Ms. Kim.

Ours have only ourselves, though.

((CCP has waffled on this issue over time. Latest source: “Frigates of Eve Online: The Cross Sections,” which is pretty clear on the subject. Every single listed frigate, without exception, has a crew of 1-- the capsuleer.))

(Arrendis) #193

(( I’d think after thousands of years, we could probably do better for charge storage than acid baths, but future projections of technology are always ridiculous. ))

(Elmund Egivand) #194

((Well, it’s nice that they showed non-standard frigate architecture, with retrofits for pleasure lounges or slave storage or smuggler hidey-holes and such))

(yellow parasol) #195

am i the only one who actually wants this situation to change? how mentally screwed must one be, to want to keep this nonsense up perpetually?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #196

looks at Diana Kim

(Aria Jenneth) #197

Ha. Um. Maybe, but, she doesn’t want this to go on forever either, I don’t think.

Just, she wants it to end by going hot. She’s in the “let’s stop messing around and have a proper war” camp.

(kul Shaishi) #198

Kim is a National populist. Of course she would want that because she’s absolutely crazy

(Diana Kim) #199

I would really appreciate if our usual suspects and “shiptoasters” will stop trying to discuss what I want and dump their delusions about who I am (especially fuelled by groundless allegations and straightforward insults like this particular one), and instead at least will TRY to discuss the problems we have.

(Makoto Priano) #200

Excepting we wholeheartedly disagree as to what the problems are.

How does one rationally discuss your calls for total war?

Here, I’ll try:

“Total war against the Gallente is both unwarranted and would fatally weaken the State, causing a collapse of the delicate balance of power.”

(Diana Kim) #201

I have already addressed it in the initial post, dishonorable liar Priano. We already have the war, and it does weaken the State: but the longer we fight, the more it weakens us. If we go for fast and decisive all-out war, yes, casualties will be greater. But it will stop faster, and way less people will die in the end.

Besides, it has a goal of collapsing balance of power by removing power completely from agressors - Gallente Federation, to prevent them waging war against us again.

While we “balance” back and forth, people will keep dying.

(Deitra Vess) #202

Don’t you think all or nothing thinking would be the wrong way to think about it? Haste makes waste as they say. You could rush it, and if I’m not mistaken take on a foe with much more ships than you and end yourselves along with the war or you could vie for the war of attrition route as has been done. Are you sure its a fight you can win in a hurry, unsupported by allies more than likely? Victory is the intended outcome, sometimes the direct path is the one with the most turns.

(Arrendis) #203

At which point, with the Gallente fleets destroyed (assuming you win), and the Caldari fleet battered and decimated from the warfare, the Amarr move in to Reclaim and enslave you both.


(Scipio Artelius) #204

As a concerned Gallente tree hugger, I write this with the utmost love and respect Diana. The love of a parent for their wayward child.

Your nation needs you. I agree, this war has gone on too long. Squids keep dying needlessly by the day. There’s no need for this ongoing humiliation of Squidnation.

You can be the strong hero that the Caldari need. Be a strong, independent, white-flag bearer:

Animal cruelty is wrong and we Gallente are prepared to stop slaughtering squids as soon as you raise your white flag. This thread is a cry for help, but help starts with helping yourself.

Take the step Diana.

(Viktor Revon) #205

First time I have heard of these. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was real though.

Perhaps I misjudged you in the past to believe you are a poor example of the State. Though I still have trouble picturing you as a voice of reason and peace.

Aaaaaaand there is the Diana Kim we all know and loathe.

While this is true, I do not understand the Matar comment.

I hate the Federation as much as the next Caldari Loyalist, but I’d settle with peace and Caldari Prime back within the control of the State

And how do you propose we do this?

For the State.

You know what? I’m starting to see why you have such an acute hatred for the frogs themselves now.