To end The War

(Scipio Artelius) #206

To be fair to us and our squishy sensitivities, the squids (and Diana especially) have an acute hatred for everyone really.

They only sort of tolerate the Amarr (and even this thread has some pretty open hostility towards Amarrians) and clearly dislike the Minmatar.

But the Gallente are always happy to be the beating post of the Caldari. It tickles us.

(Viktor Revon) #207

Personally, I hold no resentment or hatred of the Minmatar, and very little contempt of the Amarr due to their over-the-top piety. As I mentioned, I’m loyal to the State and will serve the State whenever it needs me, however it needs me. Genocide, mass murder of innocents, and such are not quite needed by the State at any time though.

To be fair, Diana hates most people. I can probably count on one hand how many people she actively enjoys. I do believe she even hates some of the State’s loyalists.

(Viktor Revon) #208

In Kim’s defense, she’s not actually insane. She just happens to be at a level of zealotry that human decency will occasionally depart from her thought process.

(Deitra Vess) #209

As a Matari operating in the Cal/Gal warzone, the Caldari have been nicer to my corp honestly. They shoot at us… But are still nicer. Let that sink in. (Not all gallante, but more than half have been rather insufferable)

(Scipio Artelius) #210

We excel at insufferable. I’m not defending my own race, just poking fun at the idea that the Caldari actually like anyone at all.

They are just Gallente anyway. They just don’t like to admit it any longer.

(Deitra Vess) #211

The only groups set to red for my corp are in gal mil. Largely because they are the only ones we need to watch our backs around. Its one of those situations where i get the feeling if we went Calmil, even PIE wouldn’t be set to red. I hate them (pretty sure they know that by now) but atleast I know they have the honor to not shoot allies who aren’t aggressing them.

(Viktor Revon) #212

There are considerable genetic differences between Caldarians and Gallenteans. Our very cultures are vastly different.

(Diana Kim) #213

I have reported them several times, and I highly suggest making a search on the forums. Shall I make another topic about them, because for Caldari to not be aware about such gallente installation is like being absolutely blind.

And yes, of course, the Federation may try to hide these things, and many gallentean bootlickers like to claim that they are not real, but it’s a bless that we are capsuleers, for every pilot who can fly a capsuleer ship could simply go there and see these installations themselves. Claiming they might not exist would be equal as a claim that they might not know how to use hydrostatic capsules at all, quite unprofessional.

Ah, and you should be then another hnolku tyuui? Because that’s what hnolku tyuui would say. Or a filthy kakku. Hnolku or kakku?

(Diana Kim) #214

You know, to the whole New Eden it’s the gallente who are widely known for their love to white colored flag, there were even ongoing joke: "
– Have you seen new Gallente battle flag?
– No. What do they have?
– A white eagle on white background."
Thus I’d like to ask you to stop trying to apply gallente standards on us. While you had white flags, we had Heth and Tovil-Toba. Would you imagine Tovil-Toba surrendering? He alone was whacking gallente fleets right under gallente nose. And even when his battle carrier was damaged - he didn’t surrender, he pointed it right at another gallente infestation. BOOM!
You don’t understand, whom are you dealing, right?

So, while you keep fishing for some cephalopods in a pond, we massacre federal soldiers.
Glory to the State!

(Viktor Revon) #215

Uakan, actually.

We have different viewpoints of differing intensities, and often employ different methods of aiding the State in its stuggles, but we do still fight for the same side in this war. I am neither kakku, nor tyuui, not to the State. While not a zealot of irrationality, I am still kirjuun, and you’d have to be a baka to question my loyalty to the State, and to my Caldari brothers.

(Ria Nieyli) #216

You’re new here, aren’t you?

(Viktor Revon) #217

I am not. Yes, I understand the futility of arguing with zealots, and Kim-haani especially of them. It is amusing still, as the reactions of a zealot are such fascinating things.

(Ria Nieyli) #218

Well, perhaps you have observed recent history in that case, but it really doesn’t sound like it. At any rate I’ll not delve into it in public as it tends to have a backwards effect.

(Diana Kim) #219

Kirjuunet don’t loathe each other, that’s why I’ve asked.

(Viktor Revon) #220

It’s more the negative view of the State that has been caused by your rather powerful convictions that I loathe than you.

(Aria Jenneth) #221

Arrendis? Miz? If you’re still watching, this, right here, is why it won’t work. There’s always going to be someone, and escalation will increase the likelihood.

I can’t really be involved personally anymore anyway, though.

(Arrendis) #222

eh? What do you mean, Aria?

(Aria Jenneth) #223

Imagine Mr. Revon is talking about someone we’ve recently argued about. 'Cause someone would do just what he’s doing with Ms. Kim.

(Arrendis) #224

Someone we’ve… really? Revon’s having sex with a Kim-corpse??

Well, at least one of her’s getting some action, even if it’s a really creepy, disturbing kind of action…

(Diana Kim) #225

Ms. Jenneth, some people don’t have class, coming into discussions to discuss author instead of comments. This means two things:

  1. they lack any solid arguments and just want to argument for argument’s sake;
  2. they want to show they hostility (though by doing that they also show lack of their civility).

How was it said in one song:
“My fear is low but I ought to know
That the world is full of scum”

You can try to convince them. I tried multiple times, and, well, if people don’t wish to listen to voice of reason, I have to speak to them using methods they use, maybe this time they will understand. Well, here it goes~