To end The War

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #346

I remarked yesterday that two persons, their identities to remain protected but both of whom have a reputation for very unimpressive rhetoric, got into a back and forth that, to me, resembled two primitive chatbots talking at (or past) each other.

Setting Aria and Arrendis at each other is just the opposite. It’s more on the spectrum towards two general AIs sparring.

I am, as the kids say, all hot and bothered, ladies.

(Arrendis) #347

Well now I’m skeeved out. Thanks, Ibs.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #348

Maybe the next time CONCORD rolls out a new extermination patch to our clones I’ll also get a model more appealing to your sensibilities.

Just think, our children would have your wits and my eye.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #349

If they come out of the womb with a monocle implant already in them someone is getting reported.

(Arrendis) #350

I… no. just… I think I’m gonna be ill.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #351

Ouch. I guess I’ll play the long game and wait you out. I have literally all of eternity which, by an astounding coincidence, is also how long it will probably take.

(Arrendis) #352

Well, if it makes you feel better, Ibs, the concept of pushing a watermelon out through my crotch for anyone has that effect.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #353

Not very maternal, are you?

(Teinyhr) #354

Was more of a general jab at that capsuleers in general are not famous for their trustworthiness, even for a paycheck.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #355

Hah, good luck trying to be useful to any side without any QE He-4 to run the Omega wetware.

Or if the SCC freezes all freelancer accounts.

Or building anything if the companies enforce copyright protections on their blueprints.

Our autonomy is granted by CONCORD. The autonomy of CONCORD is granted by our economic activities while they control the SCC and the Commerce Directive.

No one seems to have considered what might happen if CONCORD, with the pullout of its signatories, puts ISK bounties on former signatory assets.

(Arrendis) #356

You mean other than running out of operating capital and collapsing even faster? CONCORD is not self-sufficient.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #357

It is increasingly becoming so due to freelance capsuleers whose PLEX, purchase of sovereignty infrastructure, and taxes collected via SCC markets contribute to its capital. There exists an increasingly symbiotic relationship between freelancers and CONCORD in the event the DED might want to “enforce” a future peace. CONCORD has currency control, stockpiles of QE He-4, and armaments access to technologies furnished to it by all its signatories.

The threat CONCORD can impose towards signatories it might deem to be bad actors is to pull out high security cynonets and gate access restrictions for capitals and incentivize freelance capsuleers to bring “peace” upon a belligerent.

It’s not an unlikely scenario in which CONCORD in effect becomes a banker with a de facto mercenary force at its disposal to enforce its own mandates upon its signatories.

I would argue that the only reason there is some semblance of peace right now is that even if CONCORD signatories want to fight they cannot dismiss either CONCORD or freelancers in the above scenario. The sides that shoot first won’t just have to fight the other sides, they’d have to fight the other side in addition to CONCORD and freelance capsuleers.

So if no one yet wants to fire first, then no one yet gets hurt.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #358

Also consider how all freelance capsuleers were grounded when the Elder fleet destroyed CONCORD HQ and its enforcement network.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #359

It is perhaps an irony, that while we as freelancers contribute to a war economy that costs a great loss of life, it is our existence and relationship to CONCORD that prevents a greater loss of life in total war between the Big Four.

(Viktor Revon) #360

Oh how humour is lost upon you.

Again, humour is lost upon you. Though, this bit was quite obviously humour and how you managed to take it completely serious would be beyond my comprehension should you not be your usual, humourless self. Perhaps I set my expectations too high for your social competency?

Your observations have been flawed thus far. They appear not to have realized that these jokes weren’t something serious. You may be right upon one thing though, as friend may have been too strong of a word. Allies, definitely, though I imagine that is where it shall stay. You insult my loyalty to the State? Perhaps my aid to the Caldari forces in the battle for Caldari Prime in the last few years makes me suspect?

Now you use a movie to accuse me of what exactly? Being a Gallente spy? Being an Enemy of the State?

My loyalty to the State does not make me blind to humanity, nor does it make me a resentful bastard. This does not mean I hold no loyalty to the State.

(Saille Horo'Sha) #361

Man, and you people say that us NullSeccers are psychopaths…

I mean, you’re absolutely correct, but still.

I left the State’s borders specifically to get away from this level of civilian genocide.

(Diana Kim) #362

Running away from the problem doesn’t solve it. The genocide remains while gallente have ability to hold weapons and have access to our civilian colonies. Want to stop that? Grab your weapon and kick gallente out.

(Casserina Leshrac) #363

I could show you how. But I think you wouldn’t appreciate the risk involved.

(Sinti Vailatti) #364

Yeesh, long thread.

Did we cover the part where we can end the war by making it not be an ISK generator any more?

(Arrendis) #365

And the part where the empires don’t want to end it, because it’s making them a profit, too.