Today I learned

All of the wisdom of the ages in one thread! Go!

Not technically today, but a couple of weeks ago I learned the painful way that civilian gear is garbage for anything other than the tutorials.

I also learned that keeping a fleet on target and together is a tall order but fun, even if one of your capsuleers is going all Leroy Jenkins on you.


Yeah, CCP needs to include that info in the Career Agents mission briefing.

Leeroy Jenkins can be good for a couple things. In the worst case is he the lesson for others on how to die fastest and what to avoid, but he can also be the bait for the enemy, who brings their fleet into disarray. Usually do Leeroy Jenkins’ watch themselves pretty well and you don’t have to.

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Being FC is one of the crapier jobs in EVE though…

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Today I learned that even today, the EVE forums can still get topics as shitty as reddit generally is as a whole.

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