Today, Ichoriya Might Fall

Broadcasting live from an EDENCOM Defense Fleet in Ichoriya, I can tell everyone that Ichoriya may very well fall to the Triglavians.

For many hours EDENCOM has been engaging Triglavian fleets, we are currently holding the Triglavians from pushing the system into a Low Sec status. If Ichoriya does fall, the loss will be great for the Caldari as the system is a major trade hub. Hundreds of millions of civilians will be lost in the ensuing aftermath as the Triglavians look on in searing and blood lust acceptance of the slaughtering of New Eden citizens at the hands of the Foot Maidens of the Triglavians, the Kybers.

Citizens of Ichoriya in their last refuge before the quick strike from the Kyber’s knife, look deep into their eyes and remind them of their betrayal as the streets burn and buildings crackle as the smoldering remnants of Ichoriya billow into smoke filled skies, smothering out the life of each planet.

Remind the Kybers, that their line all the way back to the origins of Earth, till this very day, have always been traitors. They have given up their status of being human, they were never human in fact, they had always been, Triglavian, even before the Triglavians were born, the Kybers had their treachery in their blood, just waiting for the day that they could rise from knees as humans, members of New Eden, just to become the Foot Maidens of the Troika. Oh, that banner of searing hate and destroyer of all nations flying above the capitol of Ichoriya, painted with the blood of the citizens of Ichoriya for all to see, for those who have long been the deceivers of humanity.

The Kybers have brought great famine to New Eden, great lies and even greater treachery. A treachery that could even have been conceived the moment that the wormhole into New Eden collapsed, a treachery that even could be said to have been planted by the Kybers, that long time ago.

Some arcane device, some deceitful voice called to them from the shadows of New Eden, and they answered, slowly slipping out of existence to emerge as the Triglavians. Now, the voices of those long thought lost to the Void call out to their brethren, the Kybernaughts, to enact their final dagger in the side of the very life that cradled and nurtured them. Their final knife, the very core of Earth itself, that old place that only exists in myth and children’s fairy tales. Like their ancestors from Old Earth who betrayed and murdered along the way, the Kybers vow nothing more than to cut any thoughts of Old Earth from the landscape of New Eden, entirely.The treachery of the Kybernaught’s is what fuels the Abyssal, it is what gives the Triglavian a reason to invade and lay waste to New Eden.

Tonight, as I report from Ichoriya, a once proud and vibrant community is laid to waste by those who would call themselves, human, whose very blood comes from that Old Place that is only talked about around campfires. The Kybers have fueled this new hate across New Eden, a hate that is rooted deep in the past of that Old Place in Myths.

Ichoriya will be a major loss for the Caldari and their Faction Warfare efforts as news will lament, "Where were the proud Caldari fleets that had once been seen in Luminaire? Where the proud Caldari fleets for Ichoriya? While the citizens of Ichoriya died calling out for their Caldari fleets to vanquish the death raining down on them, where were the Caldari fleets? "

Oh woe unto, Ichoriya, there were no proud Caldari fleets at Ichoriya to defend it, there wasn’t any Caldari pride in Ichoriya today.

As a general warning, if you have assets in Ichoriya, get them out now, before the Triglavians set up their Werposts. Once the Werposts are up, Ichoriya will be locked down, unless you are friendly to a Kyber, who might get your assets out of the system, they will be lost to the audit bots, counting their presence until the Kybers have been able to take down the Citadels in Ichoriya.

Ichoriya, today stands as a monument to the corruption and treachery of the Kybernaughts as will other systems that do not put a fight against their invasion.

EDENCOM Fleets can only do so much though, we can only do so much.

But during a time like this, that we have never seen before, the Shadow of New Eden will show itself. Warriors from all empires, wearing the blackest of black know their duties. Infiltrate the fleet of the Kybers. Come into the favor of the Triglavians by helping the Kybers run their sites, just enough to make the EDENCOM Defense Fleets want to engage you at Empire Cynosurals, to pull the EDENCOM ships away from the guns of the Kybers.

And in that moment, when the main fleets of New Eden had the Troika in its grasp, all of the glory of the stars New Eden, shining in the blade, raised high above, glinted with the light of the Sun and the snow, and came striking down into the Troika. In that moment, The Shadow of New Eden, emerged from the darkness and thrust its knife, tempered in the fires of those lost, into the unprotected underside of the Troika.

The Troika, standing at the mountain top, looked into the valley far below it, no memory of it would remain nor the Kyber, except in myths and the fairy tales that children tell. Nothing of the Kyber would remain, not even is storybooks would their story be given life. The Troika was made to fall back, into that dark and Abysmal place where they had come from, sealed for all eternity in their own Abyss while the memory of that Old Place, Earth, was placed on the mantle of the minds of all New Eden once again.

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The Triglavians are peaceful to civilians as long as they don’t resist occupation, they aren’t blood thirsty monsters that only seek to kill.


I am no fan of the Triglavian menace, quite the opposite, I’m disgusted at what they’re doing to the State in particular, but even I have investigated enough to know that available evidence points to them being human, modified though they are. The troika is composed of a navka, a koschoi, and a narodnya. Narodnya is the world they use for humans, capsuleers are Foreign Augmented Narodnya, and Sansha’s folk are Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya. So if narodnya are humans and a troika contains a narodnya, then a troika contains a human.

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That was a really great read, thank you.

Also; sorry we destroyed your system.

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I have a feeling that triglavians will not be the bad guys in all of this.
Just a feeling and I hope I’m right.

Steve will rid us of the edencom scum. All hail steve

Steve is Kweer, get a grip on the reality suitcase.

Dont be bitter you lost that system.

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