Today in Rookie Chat I was told that my bio

I was inside rookie chat asking about fleet anchoring because I had been a pilot for almost 2 years and still don’t know how to do that so today after watching some twitch streams eve online fleet combat I remember the time I fleeted up but when it was time to anchor I didn’t know what to do.

So here I thought yeah let’s try some fleet combat this weekend but first I think I better ask in rookie chat the question about how to anchor.

then (name withheld)
(name withheld) > folks . . .reminder. you can block an irritating person in chat and no longer see their posts.
Iceacid Frostpacker (name withheld) so that was about me?
(name withheld) Iceacid Frostpacker close to it, your bio with its propganda irritates me

Iceacid Frostpacker (name withheld) there is a reason why i was told to put that there, I am a solo pilot and i mine ore and ice and had been told that i need to buy one of those for protection and I was not even talking or asking about that here. All I wanted but still don’t know how to do it is how to anchor.

Reason for creating this thread is I thought it was rather rude to not try and help with my question and go straight to my bio and consider this a crime related issue as the (name withheld) was a mod for rookie chat.

my bio which I did not even bring into rookie chat or comment about in rookie chat or even tell anyone to go snooping at my bio yet this (name withheld) was just straight out against my question about how to anchor in a fleet because (name withheld) found it irritating as so I was told by said (name withheld)

Now it could have been a private message telling me that but don’t you think if that (name withheld) said in rookie chat that; “your bio with its propganda irritates me” wouldn’t that then tell other new pilots in rookie chat at the time to read my bio?

Anyhow this is what that rookie help support saw and read on my bio!

I have a Mining permit right here => Mining permit

I support James 315 and the New Order of Highsec
I follow the New Halaima Code of Conduct™
** Issued: 2019/Sep/8 Expires: 2020/Sep/9 **
Probation Officer: Princess Aiko


Yes, many illegal miners will discriminate against law abiding citizens who choose to obey the rules and regulations of highsec mining. Feel pride and know that you have a place in highsec, whereas they do not. Know that their cruel words come from a deep-seated sense of shame and inferiority.


You are welcome to ask your questions in the minerbumbing chat channel. Your mining permit gives you exclusive access to some of the most knowledgeable Eve players.


Are you saying an ISD member or GM did this?!? Or one of the regular know-it-all commentards?

If it was an ISD I’d say you have grounds for complaint.

I used to help on that channel alot but gave up as it was just too much grief. “English Help” is a bit more civilised and mature I’d say, not that it doesn’t get it’s fair share knobs/trolls especially at weekends.


I won’t release who it was, nor do I know who that person is whether they hold other roles.

I shall tag it up as someone having once had a run in with said parties and leave it at that.

I also don’t wish to make turn this into a witch hunt nor make mountains out of molehills anymore so than I had done so here on this thread.

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I’m not saying you should identify them here. If it was just another channel user then that’s just how it is. But if it was an ISD (teal coloured name) then I’d report them, they are supposed to be neutral to everyone.


They are literally neutral when calling your bio propaganda.


Of course, it’s not propaganda, anymore than a license plate is ‘propaganda’.

You are required by law to identify yourself and display the sticker which indicates that you have paid your taxes. Nothing propaganda about that.


Of course, it is.
Claiming BS as being fact is propaganda.

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There is nothing wrong with a little bit of propaganda.

A little bit of charisma, some graphic design, good copywriting - fun times!

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Depends. If you are on a help channel and expect neutrality, then propaganda has no room there.

If you are with friends on a private channel, then nobody cares. But propaganda on a channel dedicated to something reduces its effectiveness.


I’ve heard bad things about the Rookie Help Channel.

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*Comments before parting rookie chat but doing so while showing a slight sadness about how that the current rookie chat. is no longer how it use to be."


Nothing neutral about expressing a direct opinion against or for bio contents.


Why would bot aspirants be on a human chat channel?


Ideally people in Rookie Chat would just answer questions in a factual manner when someone is asking an earnest question, but people will still sometimes push their own agenda or refuse to help people from opposing factions. If it was a GM or ISD, and you did not do anything up to that point to disrupt the channel, I agree with prior posters who believe it is something you should submit a ticket over. If not for your own sake, then for the sake of others. The bio is arguably explicitly for flying your flag or promoting your cause and doing so in that context should not be grounds for reprisal or reproach.


No, it isn’t.


Except that recruiting in rookie help is forbidden , and it IS recruiting

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So I enter Rookie chat with a smile on my dial with good intentions.

I had asked what skill do I need to anchor while in a fleet? Linking the skill Anchoring.
Followed by explaining that I had last been in a fleet with Bee and recall the time when I needed to anchor, I had stopped my ship to deploy a mobile deport with thinking we needed to change something.

Well the fleet left me behind and I was popped soon afterwards.

This is when the above went down and yet here we are I still do not know how to anchor my ship. Why is it so hard to get help on something as simple as anchoring. Though the only anchoring I know about is anchoring something in space.

As I understand it, anchoring is a colloqualism for ‘keep at range’ or ‘orbit at range’ when used in this way. The FC should specify who should anchor to what. I do not have experience in this field, though so I would follow Aiko’s suggestion and ask where you can get a well informed answer.

It has nothing to do with anchoring an object, though, I am fairly certain. More like ‘weigh anchor’ as in restricting the movement of your ship to a certain radius around something.

Hopefully that helps.