What were you doing just now before maintenance reset?

Let’s try something different and engaging.

I was undocked in Highsec and mining, recalled my drones but didn’t bother to dock as it saves a few seconds to not have to undock after restart.

Question if willing to answer Capsuleer… What were you doing just now before reset. Try to be honest and pls keep it game related.

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I had my little sister Kali McCandless out making safe spots for me to park my Orca in Low Sec.

Do you have like a speed fit or a interceptor? Running in Cloak or at mwd max speed?

I was turning off my alarm and getting up for another day of combined work & gaming.

The forums will get a few looks. Other games will be logged into and played. EVE itself will most likely be a pass.

Pretty much this thread would more or less answer the questions on Capsuleer log in numbers, We all have lives to attend to and when there are lower numbers on some days it is just every day lives are taking priority. Like positive thinking is that there is an answer for everything and right now there are just too many unknowns.

IDK thanks for commenting. Like I sad trying something new and different.

Nah just a noob ship, its only temp safes, not full on deep safes. Ill make those later when I can be bothered.

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Telling newbies in rookie channel that they don’t need to dock for down time, or when logging out, as long as they aren’t at direct risk.

Informing newer pilots of helpful tips such as the one you described unless it was a question first asked hadn’t always been easy I guess. Though I am being judgmental with assuming that most new Capsuleers don’t want to know until it effects them.

For some there is never an information overload. How did that turn out for you on that rookie channel experience?

At least 20% of helping newbies is correcting silliness other people, or guides, told them. Very often there’s someone in Rookie stating people must dock before logging/DT as if it’s some kind of necessity and your ship explodes if you don’t, wich is not the case of course. So to not perpetuate that boogieman story i simply state it’s not needed at all but that it can be convenient. Just don’t be in direct (pvp) danger or combat.

Newbies aren’t (automatically) stupid, they don’t need cuddling and they certainly don’t need to be told fake boogeyman stories.

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I must admit I had been on the side right before restart to do and type exactly those sort of confusing and misleading statements.

I had also come to realise they are actually genuine people in rookie chat asking the questiosn that they do and it is not a good image to start some sort of shenanigans.

I am sorry @Mike if you happen to even read this I now take rookie chat more seriously.

I was in Rens Trade Station talking to another player in chat.

Main topic was about my Apparel collection. Currently I have 741 different male & female items that I’ve collected since 2011.

Basically I was trying to figure out a total ISK value for my collection but couldn’t. I even tried using the Eve ISK value estimate that shows when hovering the mouse on items. Granted it’s usually much lower than actual Market value but it’s a good way to get a general idea.

Unfortunately about 1/3rd of the items in my collection don’t even have an Eve ISK value estimate. Some of the older items won’t even auto link by typing the name in chat but will link when dragged into chat. In fact some of the items in my collection aren’t even listed in Jita Market or on various 3rd party market apps.

Anyway, that’s what I was doing just before DT…

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Nice, how about the Yellow Space Suit? DO you also wish they they were for Male Pilots also and not just the Female?

Thank you…

I have all of the ‘Eternity’ suits, including the Yellow one, in my collection. Those are actually 3-piece outfits consisting of Outerwear, Bottoms and Footwear.

Those suits are great for Female Pilots but I wouldn’t want them for Male Pilots…

What interests me about your collection quanity is there a listing someplace to view what they all look like? I mean full body detail?

\Sort of a EveHead if you know the reference?

I don’t know of any place to do that other than being in-game.

I posted a couple of replies with more info about my collection in this thread

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68 x female bottoms. Sorry I lol’d at the way you typed that out like that instead of item listing them.

And only 37 pears of shoes… not impressed that there had been more bottoms than shoes to collect for Female Pilots.

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Guess you missed my post on total amount of missing items…

Total Missing Items = 204

Total Female Items Missing = 142
Augmentations = 7
Bottoms = 45
Footwear = 21
Headwear = 8
Outer = 22
Prosthetics = 8
Tops = 31

Total Male Items Missing = 56
Augmentations = 7
Bottoms = 6
Footwear = 8
Headwear = 4
Outer = 11
Prosthetics = 8
Tops = 12

Total Unisex Items Missing = 6 (Eyewear)

I took screenshots of my collection, basically had the cans set to detail list so I could verify the total amount in each item group…

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