Too hard to have any fun as a solo new player

(Keno Skir) #22

Well, yeah. You’re missing the part where you discover something new (smartbombs on gate = bad times) then set to work learning how to overcome the issue (using the map information for recent kills, scouting and using warp markers so you don’t warp direct to gate).

When EvE kicks you in the teeth and takes your pocket money you are presented with a choice. You can assume it’s a broken game full of un-solvable hardships, take to the forums and complain that EvE is broken and everyone who plays it is a monster. Or you can break down what happened to you and make a plan to prevent it happening next time. Eventually your lessons build up to a point where you are situationally aware enough to know roughly what might happen in a given situation, then as your knowledge builds you start to control those situations.

Please don’t instantly complain how unplayable the game is because you weren’t able to grasp it in seconds. It’s a hard game.

(Quintus Aideron) #23

It’s just boring to fly through systems checking kills per hour trying to avoid stupid mechanics in the tiny chance you will find something interesting to do. You are confirming my belief that Eve has too many mechanics to slow the game down and make it unfun.

Fun per hour in Eve isn’t great, go watch a streamer trying to pvp, a player who has played for years can spend a very long time trying to find a fight if at all that’s fun and slightly equal.

(Keno Skir) #24

That’s because every change toward catering for new players so far has made the game more boring and lowered player count. EvE was the most fun (for new players and old) when it was incredibly harsh and you had to sink or swim.

(Keno Skir) #25

Some people have too much going on upstairs to be entertained by rinse and repeat re-runs of the same instanced hand holding themepark games. Some of us require a bigger picture. You must understand that for some, instant action rinse and repeats are the very meaning of boring experiences because there is no bigger picture going on behind the current screen. In EvE you can have plans and objectives that last for months or years which just cannot happen in call of duty style deathmatch games.

(Quintus Aideron) #26

Fair enough, if that’s how the game plays then that’s how it plays. I guess Eve will always remain a niche game for a certain group of people who enjoy investing massive amounts of time and energy into the game to be able to extract enjoyment out of.

(Keno Skir) #27

This ^ is a totally fair comment.

Don’t play chess once and decide that it should be changed to be a bit more like call of duty because call of duty is faster and more exciting. Just go play call of duty. Chess is actually pretty cool when you’re older and bored of call of duty.

(Quintus Aideron) #28

I am older and I prefer to not spend so much time playing games anymore, more than a couple hours in a game is too much, I would prefer to do something in the real world that is productive over gaming. Or if I do game something that gives me some satisfaction for a hour or two a day.

(Keno Skir) #29

I totally see where you’re coming from. I also work a huge number of hours and have family commitments so i completely understand what you’re saying. I feel as though we feel the same way and approach the solution differently.

I like EvE specifically because it allows me to be competitive / enjoy myself while not having hundreds of hours to throw at it, almost none many weeks. The long term nature of EvE means my plans (example : take over a wormhole system or establish a transport corporation) can handle a week of inactivity, or equally i can pour many hours into my plans when i do have time. The unique nature of EvE’s skilling system means i skill at a similar rate to jobless teenager who can play 18 hours a day, again pushing EvE ahead of other MMO specifically for the older generation.

I think when looking to play EvE it’s important to think of it like a project rather than a pick-up-n-play distraction. Not to say there isn’t this style. I suggest you look into Red vs Blue, two hisec corps who are constantly at war, specifically to provide the kind of rinse and repeat PvP you’re after. The fitting time is vastly reduced as you begin to understand the shortcuts and know what you need etc. Saved fittings can be bought and fitted with one button after you design them first time.

It’s my opinion that if you took a step back and imagined EvE as a long term project rather than a standard quick entertainment “game” you might find out it’s all about your perspective. When EvE gstes boring just play something else, but try to set in motion something you can work on bit by bit and don’t be hassled how long it takes. The rewarding feeling is better the more you work on something.

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #30

Bro I am quite new but dont want anything changed, it is such a fascinating world out here and that fact that it is going to take me literally years to learn it all is one of the biggest points of attraction to me… this is going to challenge me for years to come, I basically did not game for 25 years until I found EVE. I am learning it alone, and spending a huge amount of time just googling what happened and how to prepare and learn again, but that is my style. The first thing I had to learn, like you, is how to survive through these gate camps, well you mostly can when learning some piloting. For my expensive transports or reconnaissance I have an Atron, fitted for agility, and WCStabs, all T1 cheap items, and a cloak 1, just recently a cloak 2. It survived through all these bad guys camping already for 11 months: When I land on the new side of the gate, I align, then immediately click the cloak, after 1 to 2 seconds the Atron is aligned, then decloak and spam warp button. Up till now no one has been locking fast enough to catch me! And now I just sometimes fly through those camps just for fun and type something terrible in the local chat to those s@ckers!! But this is all stuff you have to research, practice and learn. Be prepared and love to spent hours with the ship fitting simulation window. If you cannot love these type of actions, this is probably not your style of game world. For the first half year I basically never could do what I planned, because the game took a different direction, I didnot have the proper skills installed or whatever else. For me that makes it so awesome, there are no excuses, one mistake and you are dead, but at the same time, those who are sly enough actually survive and thrive, but be prepared to give it a year at least…

(Tipa Riot) #31

Streamers have in general a hard time to find equal fights, because they give away all the intel, also if you are known and not bad, people will not fight you … knowing you will lose is not that much fun. But no mechanic can help here, this is just human. The goal is to have control of the situation, so you can either force a fight or trick somebody into a trap.

Especially the last one is a preferred tactic of newbies. When my killboard was still looking innocent, I put myself in a battle Nereus near the sun of a lowsec system … and killed I think three assault frigates one after another who enganged me because of “let’s kill that noob in industry ship”.

Plotting those things, including unorthodox fits, is fun.

(Cyadra Myrkwood) #32

And it is all about what u want to do. You see Eve as a space sim, I see it as a great capitalist sim set in space. While you went flying around worm holes doing whatever it was you did, I sat in Jita and manipulated the market for everyone interested in one specific product. I tripled my ISK and price controlled a product. I flew out of the station in my little one man frigate maybe twice to purchase some things.

Ive been playing off and on for years and couldnt tell you what a rat is or how to scan a worm hole. None of my piloting or gun skills are over 3, and I dont understand half the lingo people use. Its all in what u want to do.

(yellow parasol) #33

Well, you’re wrong. you should be more humble, and don’t think you know enough to make such a call.

read this:

(Keno Skir) #34

Mate, drop me an EvE-Mail and i’ll do everything i can to help you find your feet (more). I also learned predominantly solo, and while it is a hard road it’s an incredibly rewarding one. You can play / learn solo and still have friends without joining a corp or whatnot.

Fly Safe o/

Protip : After you hit cloak, there is still a second or two left to hit your prop mod. Hit your MWD or AB immediately AFTER cloaking and you get one cycle while cloaked. With a MWD this can help you push further than the enemy thinks you have while cloaked. Ensure you wait until prop mod is done cycling before you decloak and warp or you won’t warp instantly :smiley: The MWD-Cloak trick should really be called the Cloak-MWD trick, that would avoid the common confusion over whether to cycle the prop mod before or after cloaking (After!).

(Keno Skir) #35

My market alt is 3+ years old. About a week ago he received the “Entered a JumpGate (or whatever)” achievement :fiestaparrot:

(Cyadra Myrkwood) #36

Funny…the “wealthiest” people who play either fly the crappiest ships or never fly at all.

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #37


Mate, drop me an EvE-Mail

Fly Safe o/

Protip : After you hit cloak,

Thanx Bro!

(Elarian Francis) #38

As someone who played the game for 7 years, spent the majority of time in “Elite” corps and alliances, I can confirm that it’s not that hard.

For gang/fleet PVP you need to be able to follow simple commands quickly, which is actually more about tricks sorting your overview than actual skill, a reaction time faster than a turtle, eyesight above 5/20, and literacy so you can read target names.

I had thousands of kills, most of the time I didn’t even know who I was shooting or why. FC says shoot X, I shoot X. He says warp to Y, I warp to Y. that’s most of it.

The biggest challenge is having a fat SP pool so you can fly whatever the corp/alliance needs. The rest is familiarity with the UI and basic game patterns.

The only gameplay in EVE that truly requires skill is solo pvp.

The only thing that harder than that is is mining. You need lvl 5 “suicide prevention” and lvl 5 “not going mad from starting at a rock for 40 minutes”.

(Quintus Aideron) #39

Thanks for confirming what I thought… Eve certainly has hard aspects but like you infer a lot of that hardness is related to investing large amount of time into the game, ie skill points or learning spreadsheet counters to this and that. I appreciate that solo PvP has a higher skill cap and it’s not easy, but I don’t think it’s as hard as some people like to make out. A lot still as to do with hard counters, ie it’s very unlikely you will win a fight against a guy with same skill points in a ship that outclasses your one totally.

Now the game does not have to be hard to be enjoyable, PUBG for instance is about as simple a concept as you could imagine and yet it’s a enjoyable game for a lot of people. So hardness does not equal fun and admitting that Eve is not extremely hard from a skill point of view doesn’t make the game bad.

I suspect that a lot of Eve players take some kind of masochistic pride in the fact that not many people enjoy the game and somehow they are better and a more skilled person for playing this game over a traditional MMO. I played Everquest for a long time and when WoW came out tons of EQ players thought it was a gimmick easy mode game and looked down on WoW players, well Everquest is still around but it was massively gutted by people moving to that game or going to WoW first over EQ, in my opinion because it was too slow to do anything fun.

(Boldly Gone) #40

Hey, I stare at my scanner results, not at the rocks. For I can calculate the rate the Asteroids melt (because of me and the other miners around) and thus the time left. Then I try to chose a quite good rock to mine for consecutive 10 minutes to do the laundry :slight_smile:
In corps mining you have time to chat, plan and manage. You don’t have to like it, but I’ve got the notion that some just don’t (want to) understand what others like about mining. But that’s not even bad, just let them be ignorant and let them have fun to shoot these carebears who have not mastered “lvl 5 suicide prevention” yet :wink:

(yellow parasol) #41

well, if that’s your opinion. vOv it’s not like you have any skill anyway, so of course you’d say this.