Too hard to have any fun as a solo new player

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I was waiting for the ad hominem from you.

(yellow parasol) #43

are you a child using fancy words? is everything an insult, just because it’s said as it is? when you have no skills, then of course you will believe that there’s barely need for any. deal with it, instead of seeking people who confirm your perspective, ignoring that they likely are just like you. you’re wrong, you’re ignorant, and that’s all there is to it. vOv

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I suggest you look up what it means.

Oh and “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

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you’re funny. :slight_smile:

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I could be wrong too, Eve could be this game that requires insane skills and only the best of the best ever get good enough at it to succeed. It’s also possible that you are wrong too and it’s not that hard.
But I think we can all agree that these are opinions and it’s not really possible to verify either of them indisputably, so we will just have to agree to disagree, but let’s not insult people for having opinions please.

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I thinks it’s time for less talk but more doing. Come back here with your success stories, the community loves those. Less so debating preconceptions with new players. You are the apprentice not yet the master. :wink:

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Skill is relative. The link i’ve posted indeed only points out that there is lots of stuff to learn regarding solo pvp, but that’s not the end of it. Most people, who think that this game is easy, usually don’t touch it properly … or maybe they’re super brilliant geniuses, but i doubt that.

In EVE, it’s not just about game mechanics, but also about social aspects. You need skill to learn to tell who is eventually going to screw you. Who is trustworthy, and who isn’t. Whois a good asset for the corp, and who isnt’.

Skills in deveicing others… same thing. Understanding what helps deceiving others is a skill. Anything related to that, like making a pretty female portrait and behaving like on… that’s a skill too. Pretending being a non-obvious, gold digging female is hard work.

It takes skill building a reputation. Math, an important skill in trading and manufactoring, is a skill as well. I probably abuse the word heavily, but you get the point.

It’s a skill being able to lead a conversation and being empathic about what the other says. Important for diplos. Knowing how to write speeches…a skill.

There’s way more than what the game offers mechanivs wise. Most people join it, being completely clueless about the actual depth of the game. CCP’s fault for attracting simple minded people nowadays. vOv

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Personally If you are looking to enjoy playing solo I have had most fun when playing solo doing exploration.

However simply put, the game is designed to be a multiplayer game, it’s driven entirely by interactions between characters. The game designers want to encourage multiplayer activities rather than solo play. They want to encourage you to work with others to survive.

If you want a game that is instant easy fun to play solo, then there are other games about which are great for that.

You wouldn’t go to a restraunt, buy a salad and then complain because it’s not a steak. If you want a steak buy a steak.

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Yellow Parasol that’s a much better explanation of why you think Eve has a high skill cap, you gave examples of skills needed, and refrained from calling people stupid and skilless for almost the entire post (though couldn’t help claiming CCPs attracts simple minded people, which is a baseless assumption)

I think most of your points are valid, I guess I tend to think of skill based games slightly differently from you, I see a lot of your skills as more knowledge or acquiring information. i.e you learn about playing the guitar the theory and knowledge of music, the skill is how well you execute that knowledge and some people will be much better guitar players as their skill at playing the instrument is high, they can play fast scales and complicated passages of music. A unskilled player will know the notes but won’t perform them as well, hence even though the knowledge of the the theory is the same one is more skilled because the nature of the instrument allows for skill and talent to be applied.

I still feel that eve is more like a knowledge based game than a skill one because of that, it is known as the spreadsheet game for a reason, and once again that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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No, it’s not. I usually don’t do “baseless”. it’s your ignorance, that makes you think that. there’s more of these out there. There’s a wealth of evidence that CCP attracts easily milkable people now, who usually aren’t the brightest bulbs.

Re skill… i don’t know. it might be my fault for wording it that way.


the ability to do something well; expertise.

unrelated: i need coffee.

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Let me use your words from your various posts to rebuff your argument “Are you a child using fancy words, you should be more humble and don’t think you know enough to make such a call, it’s not like you have any skill anyway, you’re wrong, you’re ignorant, and that’s all there is to it” every single phrase there is yours.
Attacking someone’s character as a way to add weight to your arguement is called ad hominem and effectively undermines your points, making it seem like your only way to push home your ideas is through insults. If you would refrain from insults I would take you point of view much more seriously, as it is I can’t respect what you say as your language shows your character.

I wanted to add it started well your post, you quoted a definition of skill, that showed my version is not the only way to define it, but once again you couldn’t help yourself and called me ignorant!

(yellow parasol) #53


lack of knowledge or information.

ad hominem:

Ad hominem short for argumentum ad hominem, is where an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument,

All i did, was pointing out that your claim, that i make baseless assumptions, roots in your ignorance. Just like the other time i called you ignorant. Please explain me, and everyone, how that’s an attack towards you or anyone.

If that’s an attack, then you have some serious issues. Explain yourself.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #54

Eve is not a twitch game. Success is not based on who has the best coordination and server connection. Rather skill in eve comes from knowing how to get fights, what to bring to fights, etc… What makes eve interesting is consequences. Your actions can make a difference and if you ■■■■ up you can lose all your shite. If you are looking for an instant pvp twitch game then eve isn’t for you. On the other hand if you are looking for a game wherevyour actions have meaning then it is.

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I recommend joining karmafleet or Brave newbies or pandemic horde if you want pvp and action that’s the best way to get it they provide you the ships to go die in

and there’s never anything useful it comes out of yellow parasol

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It’s an MMO. Massively Multiplayer.
If you are playing alone you are by definition, doing it wrong.

No, you cannot ‘easily’ avoid the other hundred thousand people playing the game. There are lots of games on the market for single players. Eve is not one of them.
You can succeed solo in Eve despite the fact it’s an MMO completely designed around the concept of a fleet…but that is not the game’s design intent.

This is like me crying on the CoD forums that I can’t just do gardening in peace without someone shooting me in the face. It’s not the game’s fault.

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Don’t warp gate to gate in a low ehp ship or pod, bounce off a celestial.
If you do this the smart bombs won’t kill you.
Unlikely you would kill him in an incursus, but you might be able to hold tackle for someone else to kill him.
Also, he’s not there to kill you, but anyone coming down the pipe in a small fast ship (that he’s vulnerable to if they get through, either as scout or fast tackle for another group).
Good news, you learnt this in an incursus not a pod full of implants, and when you go to null you will avoid warping gate to gate without a scout, and will avoid a lot of bubbles also.
How else were you going to learn?
Are you just going to give up at the first lesson?

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #58

Yes, and the skill in solo PvP comes from finding the right targets and getting them to engage, as you are your own FC,
For this situational awareness is king which starts with bouncing off celestials, using pings, and using the d scanner.
So the OP has had his first lesson, what he does with it remains to be seen.

Edit. I do mostly solo PvP over the years because I’m a bit anti-social, but that is my problem, not the Devs, I’m also very bad at PvP.

(yellow parasol) #59

May i ask what your problem is?

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #60

Yes. I get sidetracked trading/doing other stuff, I have very poor coordination so micro is v.bad, but mostly lack of practice…

eg. I have always been a filthy casual and need to fly with others to take the pvp game further I guess? When I played 2008ish I had a more green than red killboard but mostly cause I just fought people who I thought I had more than 50% chance of killing or when I had element of surprise, but only about 50 fights in 2 years.

I just wanted the OP to realise that Eve is more strategy and tactics than clicking the right buttons in the right order etc.

edit: also aspergers so doing anything in a group is outside of my comfort zone, I mean I enjoy work, have friends and wife etc, but that’s the only time I would spend time with lots of people at once by choice, however not working so I really should get an eve job I guess. My biggest issue is not being able to read people so I would probably make some friends think they were great, and only realise there was an issue when they sent me an invitation to a cross burning or something.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #61

We need to get rid of the idea of solo gameplay. You can’t be successful in EVE alone