Too help satiate the bloodlust

Should CCP allow players to “design” a fourth character that we could bankroll ourselves and skill them but let it actually be controlled by the NPC coding that can then be sent off to various areas in the hope of a random chance of being rewarded with say a skin or a module, or something by providing a target for people to chance encounter our own “clone soldiers” but have it so the clone is indistinguishable from an actual player?



how about actually PVP ?


maybe if it were not given ships and that you have to give it a ship then sure

Definitely, provide it with ships such as combat, exploration, haulers, etc, rewards would be appropriate for the type of activity that the clone would be involved in.

yes but then it must be an omega account then other wise it would have hundreds of alts to do that

As I posted a POS is cheap and why can’t someone create an event for open PvP in high sec, attackers - defenders.

For sure.

because there is people on this forum that LOOOOVES to nerf PVP
so how about
just leave PVP alone


It IS PvP, just because it’s controlled by a code to fly about making jumps around New Eden it is skilled by a player, funded by a player, equipped by a player, and if a chance encounter happens people can setup aggression in their clone, fight to the end or be skiddish, if not as history has shown people who don’t want direct PvP will never PvP and nothing will change.

ahahah this idea is hilarious

i mean, let’s imagine there’s no technological limitatios and let’s imagine CCP could pull this off

So there would be a clone of yourself imitating you flyirng around HAHAHAHA

it will also fly just as bad as you do

yeah, can you imagine, you find your clone and see how bad you are?

the shame!!


You just see it bumping into a legion well in a punsher

Better yet into a gate camp.

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it starts shotting at the battle ship well orbiting it outside of it’s range going only 3 meters per sec

Imagine if your clone would commit crimes non stop and the consequences could fall upon you

Then you would have to hunt your clone

Or maybe the clone could be controlled by random player every day, so the player could do anything they want with your clone and bring bad or good consequences to your character

That would be amazing

me trying to not get shot at amarr

so…RvB, then
Sweet, do it…you be that someone

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Does EveOnline really need a Mission Table?

All combat should be banned

People just want to krab without risk, thanks.