Total Mayhem. PvP Only - Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) Training/Vetting Corp

In-game public channel: Join Total Mayhem
Public Discord: (updated)

Are you a PvP noob but want to learn and are willing to commit yourself 100% to it?

Maybe you have some PvP experience, but want to be better, and a part of something better?

Do you consider yourself a pro PvPer but you’ve just never found the right group to test your mettle with?

Sniggerdly has revived Total Mayhem as a PVP only training and vetting corp. With the guidance of SNIGG members its your time to step up and shine.

You will be expected to put yourself out there and improve your game together with your corp-mates, “GIT GUD”.

Here’s what we have to offer

  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of PvP. We have regular Ops and people are always PvPing. All we do is PvP. Seriously.

  • Access to high quality PvPers to help you learn stuff. They might to talk a little trash to you while they teach you, but I guarantee you will learn.

  • Comms and all that technical stuff. Mumble and mic is required

  • A fully ZERO PERCENT ship replacement policy. Seriously we won’t pay for anything you lose. Edit: off and on we replace Logi, it’s pretty random.

  • As this is Sniggs training corp you also have the opportunity to one day get into Sniggerdly. But you first need to survive a fair bit of trolling, abuse and a rough beating. You can’t expect to join the big bad boys without proving you’re worth it.

  • Support to run your fleet: You will be expected to run a fleet of your flavour, learn a new aspect of the game. No one will blame you if you welp your corp mates while learning something new.

Here’s what we are looking for:


  • 10 mil min SP bare minimum

  • Must be able to fly one of either stealth bombers (with bomb launcher), Interdictor (with interdiction sphere launcher) or a command destroyer (MJ Field Generator) and T2 fit 1 race of battlecruiser

  • People who can dedicate their character 100% to PvP. We are not a ratting corp. We understand the need to make ISK, but that should be the minority of your time.

  • People who can support an irresponsible PvP lifestyle. This cannot be understated. If you do not have an ability to support ship losses then please look elsewhere.

  • Zero Attitude. You do not come into the Total Mayhem with attitude, but you may leave with it.

  • Seriously Zero Attitude. We don’t care if you are the PvP Messiah sent down from Valhalla to teach us the glorious ways of the warrior.

  • No Corp jumpers

  • and, obviously, we expect 100% loyalty and commitment to the Total Mayhem. This isn’t an alt corp. This isn’t for weekend PvPers. This is where you live.


  • PvP experience is a big plus, but we would rather take a new guy who is eager learn than some “experienced” jackass that thinks he knows what he is doing and won’t stfu and do what he is told.

  • Having an alt account is almost mandatory for being able to fund your life in Total Mayhem.

Check out our recruitment channel “Join Total Mayhem” and ask to speak to a recruiter. DO NOT OPEN CONVO, we are often out pvping, getting spammed with convo’s are bad mkay… This is, in a way your first test, because we will kick your ass from that channel faster than I will gag after eating whipped fish if you make a mis-step in there.

We expect Full SSO Tokens from ALL YOUR CHARACTERS. If you have a problem with this go look elsewhere.

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If you are interested in PvP then you should join up.

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