Totally Puzzled! - Farewell Canceled


So I come home from the hospital today and check my EvE folder: the game files and folders are still intact after having uninstalled the game yesterday.
I wasn’t surprised, a lot of programs leave some files and folders in the system even after uninstall.

So I proceeded to delete the leftover files\folders then… I suddenly hold everything and think “hold on a sec here… I could reinstall now since the 35.5Gb were uninstalled yesterday. I’ve got time.”

So I go to Steam, hit the install button and, lo and behold, the game is intact on my drive, it wasn’t uninstalled yesterday at all! WHAT??
What’s more, I double-click on the icon on my desktop and the client starts, no problems no issues nothing ( !?! )
I log into the game and it starts, getting me to the station interior and everything is FINE!

I am totally puzzled! I don’t see how I can uninstall a game with confirmation then the next day play it as if nothing happened. :thinking:

Anyway, I guess it’s Farewell Canceled!?


Pleased for you, Yuzima. Tech is weird.

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Thank you, Sasha. I appreciate you being patient with me and everyone on this forum.
Tech is wierd, especially the software part. I can build a computer from the ground up, I learned C and C++ a while ago but DX left me in the dust and I finally decided that I didn’t need to continue with PC language after all, not as a career anyway.

I’m happy I can play again. The issues with EvE only need patience. I have to remember to turn off my PC and go for a walk when I run out of it.

Told ya. :wink:


Icelandic elves being helpful.

–Gadget welcomes you back

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Except it was 24h or so, not two days :wink:

Damn, just when I thought I had gotten rid of you. Ah well, welcome back I guess

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I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up” - Indiana Jones :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, TheHound.

You can take the EVE player out of the spreadsheets, but you can’t take the spreadsheets out of the EVE player

Funny enough I hate spread sheets. They give me headaches. I guess they are great to min/max gains but thankfully I’m not hooked on isk. I play the game for fun, I buy PLEX if I need it, I love to explore, I do some ratting, industry, mining if I feel like it. Sometimes I scam if I see an opportunity.

I think that is good advice for all of Eve, not just the technical side.

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Hi and welcome back! Wow, it’s been, like, hours! There are some oddities in the new launcher and the way it seems to locate the “installation” directory. For instance, when it told me I had to reinstall, I ignored it, clicked the button anyway, and it flicked over to “ready to play”. However just as I did that my eye sort of caught the install directory it had listed… and if I caught it correctly it had the wrong drive indicated.

Then another fellow had a similar issue, he saw the big download notice, then noticed that the “install” directory it was showing was incorrect, wasn’t his gaming folder. So he corrected the directory and hit the button thinking it would now know where the game was. Nope. Went ahead with the 30+ gig download.

So yeah, weird things can happen on any PC, but in this case some oddities about the launcher vs. install directory appear to be happening. So you may have gotten an “uninstall” confirm from a sorta phantom directory that never held your EVE in the first place.

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I do too, which is probably why I’m bad at EVE.


Damn it. :unamused:

Thank you

That could be what happened and when I “uninstalled” it only took into account that “phantom” folder and left the actual game directory intact. ( good thing though )

Now next time it happens I will know that what the Client tells me is bs.

I love you too :slightly_smiling_face:

You flagged me :frowning:

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@Banne_Tar Negative, I flagged your post.
Sorry, but the rules are the rules… like off-topic posting :slightly_smiling_face:

You look like my ex! Omg. I sold her.
You can look it up! Name’s Rosella Locke

Hahaha another goddamn lie.
Who would’ve though you cancel something.