Touch typing

(Mikhem) #1

I use touch typing when I write with computer. I use ten fingers and I don’t need to watch my fingers when I write. I learned touch typing at compherensive school and it was one voluntary subject for me. It was good choice since I write a lot with computer.

Saturday I took writing test how fast I am and it says average. Here are my results and below is link to typing test front page.

In Finnish language touch typing is called kymmensormijärjestelmä and exact translation for word is ten finger system but meaning of word is touch typing in English.

Tell us…

  1. How do you write with computer? How many fingers do you use?
  2. Where did you learn to write like that with computer?
  3. Show us your touch typing test results!

(Val Kaleth) #2

Mavis Beacon, then many years of just typing stuff.

Edit: it gave me a 63

(system) #3

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