Toxicity in Eve

I’d say attitude goes a long way towards the experience people have in Eve.

For example an attitude of “what can I learn from my recent explosion” receives a very different response to that of “I demand that the devs fix this so that it never happens to me again”

People will be falling over themselves to offer advice on the forums to a post like the first one; they’d be falling over themselves to initially explain why it is the way it is and then berate the OP of the second, when he refuses to admit that he wants to be playing another internet spaceships game altogether.


Your post is a scam designed to lead them into a false hope.

(I’m going to keep doing those things far after moral improves)

I only started playing in 2012 but I more or less feel the game is the same.

A quick story.

Was living in stain back in the day and there was a more experienced dude there who killed me a few times, he trolled and smack talked me in local for a good few months insulting my playstyle and my pvp. One day I woke up and decided I was going to make an example out of this guy, I went deep into learning more about pvp and I talked to lots of people.

On night he came at me with his cronies, cut a long story short I managed to take out both of his friends battleships, he ran away from the fight and it made him leave the area never to return.

His trolling and smack talk led him nowhere and he left the area out of embarrassment. In my experience only the weak people smack talk the hardest.


Now that is satisfaction. It is these types of moments that make Eve shine. Payback is a b!tch.


You didn’t get tagline. Right?

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Every, literally every single competitive game has what you call “toxic” players. MOBA’s, shoothers, the new genre of “moba shooters”, rts etc. I’d argue that in eve the amount of such players is less than average due to an old player base. Somehow can’t imagine a 30-40 year old person with adult children yelling “i f*** ur mum git gut kill urself” on comms.

You can start any argument like this. Oh, it is “well known” among “wider circles” that something and something.
Quotes. Links to articles. Graphs comparing different communities.

It always was more than that, even so in the past than now. I wonder how people cursed and what they wished to do to their enemies when a super was worth 1000$ instead of 200?

This thread is the proof how lacking current content is, when the content (game/ movie/ whatever) is very good, sjw’s and trolls don’t raise their heads…


Eve is far from the most toxic community I have ever been part of. This is pretty mild compared to most of the games I currently play. Sure there are some hostile individuals but it is easy enough to ignore them or just pod them and be done with them.

Any PVP sandbox game you will have some level of toxicity in the player base. If you wanted rainbows and hugs this or any PVP game may not be for you. So in short, cowboy up and get thicker skin.


There’s probably several different interpretations of what “toxic community” means.

The game allows non-consensual acts again each other, so people not really prepared probably see ganking, wardecs, gate camps, etc. as toxic parts of the game. I can understand that.

But as for the community, maybe it’s an element that you get what you give, but I’ve never experienced any toxicity from anyone in game. The people who play this game are just normal, friendly people for the most part.

It’s far from a toxic community in my opinion, but I only play EVE, so can’t really compare this community to any others.


Toxic? Not realy. Not more than other gamecommunities.

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Do explain. I suspect you’re thinking of the Russians, who never went through with it if I recall correctly.

Eve is hard. Getting butthurt is easy. Some players get over it. Some don’t. It’s easy to see who is who with threads like this.


nothing off topic about my reply, your post suggests dropping numbers are related to us all being toxic in the EVE community.

so what does dropping players numbers lead too?

report away all you want. i know an EVE is dying thread when i see one.

This community is a very proud one, we’ll all blow every single space pixel we have up on each other.

But a toxic community we are not!

These forums feel sometimes toxic because people come here to complain.
People in-game are sometimes toxic because they want to provoke a reaction or are just angry they just lost stuff.
People on Reddit are sometimes even more toxic than here because, well, it’s Reddit and that’s probably the reason why they are writing over there.

Now take all this toxicity and compare it to the comments under some popular music video on youtube or read some forums of some popular ftp games. It will seem all so much better afterwards.

Legitimate game play by itself is never toxic, it’s just the game. Only what happens around that and how people react on it can be. It also helps a lot if you don’t over interpret things. Hastely written words are often not meant as you think they are. In those cases where some line is crossed: ignore, block or report - all up to you.

Or: respond tastefully but decisive to slowly escalate the situation. Drama is content after all.


I was about to write very much the same. Thanks for saving me the time.

Speaking for myself I can honestly say that the actual lack of toxic behavior I experienced in EVE - compared to other online games I played before - is part of the reason that made me stay.
In 5 years I never experienced someone threatening my RL, though.


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It’s been toxic since day 1. All PvP centric games are toxic.

But I will say Eve is less toxic than …, say, Darkfall.

Yeah on eve comma i have never heard even half the toxic junk that I hear on Xbox live.

And the forums… I play a phone game War Robots… Those forums are far more toxic. Those forums are also far less tolerant of game play outside what the majority consider the norm.

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Eve is dangerous, ruthless, vicious, and will tear you to shreds if you show even a moments weakness…

But at the same time there’s a comradery underlying the gameplay which makes it worth the battle. If you think this is toxic, try ranked in Dota or League of Legends. I’m a soloist by nature and even I constantly make friendly acquaintances and trade stories with people in Eve. Sometimes its due to a friendly crossing of paths. Sometimes its due to one of us ramming a gun up the other’s exhaust port. Either way, I’ve never felt genuine hostility in Eve. Maybe it’s different out in Nullsec, but my time in HS, LS, and Wspace has pretty much only been friendly.

I actually think a quote from the last episode of Rick and Morty sums up Eve nicely…
“20 people try to kill me every week, and I end up getting high with half of them.”


Is it now? I wonder who knows this - you don’t count.

This game gives me focus. Normally I’m very easily squirrel.