Trade balance nullsec -> highsec

How can I find out what stuff nullseccers export to Jita?

Who knows details and will share in this thread?

Where does the supply in Jita come from?

Let’s assume nullsec mining goes dark for a couple months, what will happen?

You can’t find specifics but you can make a good guess by looking at JF losses close by.

Jita is supplied from everywhere and supplies to everywhere.

Prices across the board will skyrocket and HS miners will be out in force…but in actuality, prices will just return to normal as they are super low right now so…a win for HS folks…

My 2 cents…

I dont think it is possible for someone to find out where something came from, without being the person who supplies, or knowing the person who supplies a certain product.

I could build a frigate in hisec, use it, repackage and sell it, and someone else can buy that, use it in nullsec, repackage and sell it back at jita. In such a case, the frigate was built in hisec, but most recently was used in nullsec. And if the freighter hauling it to hisec, gets shot down, you can point to it and say “Look, it came from nullsec”, but you cant be sure it was built in nullsec.

Personally speaking, I dont believe a lot of minerals come from nullsec. Transporting ore or minerals is a lot more tiresome and takes a lot of space up in a jump freighter. It would be easier to use that ore to build a super and sell it. There are some niche materials that are definately going to be exported, like T2 mats and maybe zydrine or megacyte, so those will definately rise in price.

The problem with this is, how long the embargo is going to last. There are a lot of minerals, a lot of materials out there, so its hard to tell whether the stockpile will outlast the embargo or vice versa.

Good luck with your speculations though!


Nullseccers export goo to Jita, where other nullseccers buy them to react with the goo they can find home.

Question is whether goo produced under supercap umbrella is gonna be enough to supply the market without prices skyrocketing. I guess I’m gonna sit on my pile of goo for a bit to see what turns out.

Push it, more intel please, the blackout is coming :slight_smile:

Ores can be compressed and be hauled in awesome amounts.

Ores cannot be reprocessed in awesome rates in hisec though.

The more expensive ores are smaller and fewer like megacyte and zydrine and easier to haul, but hauling stuff like tritanium doesnt make sense. And neither does hauling compressed ore, which generally sells lower than reprocessed ore, which means that it’s usually better to just reprocess, build, and haul what you built.

Reprocessed not, but prices are good on compressed ore, and y can haul awesome ammount.

Prices are worse, and if you’re dealing with awesome amounts of ore, it doesnt make sense to haul it. Since were talking about how nullsec trade embargoes will affect hisec prices, we have to consider the larger players over smaller ones.

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