Trade Hubs as War free zones

I would suggest that all Trade Hub systems should be declared as War free systems. So that even players at war with each other should not be able to attack each other in those systems. There are few corps which war deck alliances to get kills and loot so they camp outside Trade hubs and any player trying to get something either cant warp away with his ship, gets killed or is forced to stay docked.

No. This is a well solved problem. You can use a hauler ALT in an NPC corp or you can move your structures to a holding corp so your operating corp is war ineligible. There is also the option of using Red Frog or other commercial haulers to move cargo.

Flying to a trade hub while at war is, and should remain, high risk.


Why are you in a war-eligible corporation if you’re not willing to enter into a war? :thinking:


Instant warps. Sub 2 second align interceptors.

This coming just after hogs fortizar got blown up makes me mighty suspicious.

Neutral alts and contracted hauler services are a thing you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest this due to abuse of war decks by Pirate corps and alliances. They declare war for sole purpose of ganking anyone they see outside trade hubs. They get organised in trade hubs and start targeting individual players . Now a corp wont come from null sec or low sec to just defend 1 of their players.
Not every player has access to interceptors. For new players it takes time to get set up.
Neutral alts also take a lot of investment so if one can afford them its not same for others.
Just having trade hub system as no war zone is not such a big deal as War targets can still camp outside gates of trade hub systems.
right now pirates can just keep 2-3 characters on login screen and even if someone tried to fight them they login their alts and crush the opponent with brute force. .
try to undock and you get insta locked and bumped away by machs.
heavy interdiction cruisers are used outside stations to interdict warp if anyone uses warp core stabs.

So if you want to get something worth 1-10m you will hire hauler services ?

Nice straw man argument deliberately ignoring the first part of my sentence.

Neutral alts cannot be afforded by every player.

You can not afford a free alpha alt?

You chose to play a pvp sandbox.
You chose to be in a war eligible corp.
You chose to go to a trade hub.

  • Buy your stuff from else where or use a hauling service like red frog (or I’ll do it if the price is right).
  • Leave the war eligible corp or fight back.
  • Go back to wow if you don’t like pvp.

Edit- I know it’s not ganking but: one more nerf.

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Said alt doesn’t need to be on a separate account.

Just take a week to train up another character on the same account and use them to do all your shopping. Boom. Neutral alt!

But yeah… I will echo what everyone else said above; there are plenty of options for avoiding wars already. And for safely hauling. Almost all of them do not require high skills to pull off… just a little planning ahead of time and maybe some ISK.

If it is just for neutral hauling it is even better to create a separate account as then an omega character slot is not wasted on something an alpha is completely sufficient to handle, he can train it parallel without a multi char training certificate, he can also train it into other stuff parallel and can keep it separate from his main (which might include not providing an api key to this char to his corp which can be good for various opsec reasons). You can create as many accounts as you want even on the same email address.

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With an alt how will I move a ship which I can not fly with that alt ?

Depends on what ship and through what space you want to move it through.

For hisec you can train into most ships fairly cheaply and if it is like a battleship you can contract haul it a few jumps out then fly it with your main or haul it on your alt repackaged in a hauler either from the start or from a few jumps out where you contract hauled it if you fear of a gank at the trade hub.

If you want to go through lowsec you have to use your main anyway and the risk is the same regardless of wardec. (You can still use the alt as described in the previous paragraph to haul it to the lowsec entry point.)


Wardec corps camp trade hubs because it works. Same reason real life predators camp watering holes. Mostly they’re looking for Nulsec players who tend to forget that highsec wars exist until it’s too late!

In the past, there was reason to complain because newer players couldn’t avoid wars without staying in an NPC corp. Now it’s trivially easy to create a holding corp for your structure{s} and make your operating corp war ineligible.


Bad idea is bad.

For one, it fundamentally goes against the basic philosophy of EVE. For example, do you think Jita became the games largest trade hub because CCP said so? No Jita became a trade hub because it is where players started trading alot.

All of the trade hubs are there because of players. CCP did not designate any systems as trade hubs. So none of them are even “officially” designated as a trade hub. So then asking CCP to change the rules for these systems is like CCP coming in to officially endorse them as such. But that isn’t CCP’s job in EVE. WE (the players) decide which systems are trade hubs, not CCP.

Aside from that, as everyone else has suggested there are many easy ways to get around this. Using a second slot on your account (costs nothing) and you can get them into a T1 industrial in under a week. That can haul packaged ships up through battlecruisers.

Contracting is not that expensive. If you only want to get it say 5-6 jumps out of the trade hub so you can safely get it home or something can be as cheap as 5mil.

And even as you mentioned it doesn’t really change much. It only pushes the campers out slightly, so you are likely to get caught anyway.


Terrible care bear idea.

If you can’t hang with war, then don’t be in a war eligible corp.


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This is a completely fair and valid use of war declarations. This is not abuse, and if you think it is, you need to re-evaluate your position.

No, nor should they. Instead, every Omega character has equal accessibility to Interceptors. If you choose not to train into them as a priority, that’s not CCP’s problem, that’s your problem.

That being said, I don’t know what your point is here, since the Interceptor’s main benefit of Interdiction Nullification isn’t an issue in trade hubs. As far as I know, you cannot launch interdiction bubbles in high sec.

It actually IS the same for others. Everyone needs to invest time, effort, and resources into neutral alts, should they choose to get one. I don’t know of anyone in the history of EVE Online who was given an easier access to fully trained neutral alts that don’t require time, effort, and resources invested.

Yeah, that’s kind of their strength. What’s the problem here?

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You’re asking for the wrong thing here.

What you should ask for is a button that would give you complete invulnerability and make your ship impossible to be killed by anyone and anything, anywhere.

Also a Save button that would allow you to do anything you want, no matter how silly, and then get back to how everything was before that if something goes wrong.

What age did you say you are, btw?