Training skills remotely

Is there anyway I can train my skills remotely without accessing the game?

They continue to train while logged out. Or do you mean change what’s in the queue without logging in?

Add skills for training without logging in.

I’m sorry to say that if there’s a way to do it, then I don’t know about it. Hopefully a more experienced player than me can pop in and answer.

No. The general strategy is to leave a long training skill at the end of the queue to maximize your training if you can’t login.

Going Omega also gives you an infinite training time (with a 50 skill maximum) so this is largely a problem only for Alphas and is likely intended to keep you logging in regularly.

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Yes. You can train skills remotely. Just download eve to any computer, ANY computer in the WORLD and log in and change skills. Very easy.

You could be in Antarctica and still change skills. Wow. What an age we live in.

No, you cannot add, remove or rearrange skills in your training queue without logging into the game using an installed client on a PC. However, exactly where this PC is located does not matter, you could even be sitting on Mars as long as you have internet to connect you to the game.

You can d/l the EvE app on mobile to look at skills in queue, but as said you need to log in to edit the queue. Also if you are going to be away from game for a while consider investing in a jump clone with skill training implants.

Please tell me which implants are you talking about?

He is talking about the skill training implants, the ocular filter, neural boost etc. The 5 implanta that add +1 to +5 to each attribute.

If you’re going to be away for a while, you can create a jump clone that just sits in station with +4 or +5 implants, training away.

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