Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

Marcus, to file a ticket, go to > log in with character username & password > Click the Support link (bottom of site) > Click the Submit Support Ticket button on upper right

Local chat is still in and out. EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
EVE System > Reconnected to chat server
EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
EVE System > Reconnected to chat server

Nothing works, no login from Antalya but I am very happy to receive the verification code for this megathread without problems……

Nothing from Antalya, no login etc. For what reason should I pay for vpn in top of omega? To visit sites restricted by Gouvernement use Tor for gratis but does not work for games.

East coast here, login issue and lag seems to be solved here yesterday. Chat sometimes need to reconnect. The game is playable to me now. Thank you guys.

Good day, brave Pilots,

I have another status update:

  • Improvements were made that should have a positive effect on the stability of our services. However, the issues are not resolved and we are under a constant threat.
  • Teams continue investigating various problems to improve on or find alternative solutions that can help elevate the issues in the meantime.
  • Your reports on problems outside of the standard connectivity issues are being closely monitor, and we have active internal discussion on various topics with relevant teams.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Portugal here, Login issue and lag solve. Chat still broken in 2 for 3 acc that i own.

I still have the bad address error on port 26000.
Clicking on the Connect button doesn’t work. Saturday will be 1 week I get no access to the game.

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Nice to see that the gaming press has finally caught on to this. Maybe it will inspire CCP to get this embarrassing episode resolved.


Thank you and your team for your efforts and all the best for a quick and good solution. Unfortunately, the whole of Turkey (host country) still seems to be cut off. I’m sure you know our troops, any idea where the DDoSler is? As I know the compatriots, there is nothing to prevent a preventive strike.

East Coast US here. For about 24-36 hours now I’ve been able to log in and play first try with only an occasional rubber-band lag catch-up in game. Thank you for keeping at it and I hope you figure out who’s doing/did this DDOS.

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Two more weeks and you will be heroes! Keep up!

US East able to play atm no lag and chat is working.

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I am Faceing all the problems after two uptates.


Because you don’t HAVE to pay for VPN… there are free (as in actually free) VPN services available online. So if it’s a possible added cost you have issue with then no issue.

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I hope that some of those discussion are moving the chat servers back to the same location as TQ so that external connection issues don’t affect them anymore.

Also the idea of spread out VPN entrances to TQ (client itself would connect so that only EVE traffic is routed) would be a decent idea to consider in the long run (obviously it will take time to implement so nothing that can be done right now but maybe keep in mind).

US East coast, finally able to log in without using a VPN and so far having no issues with chat, lag, or disconnects

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not fair to players that cant defend there POS systems. so please respect your neighbors. in this time of Kaos unstable connection stuff.

East coast is still having connection issues to chat server.

Log in fixed,…no issues what-so-ever,.fast and solid
Chat,.still a bit off,.have to retry,but works after that
Lag,…No lag !!,…very smooth.
Thank you CCP for sticking with it,lets hope to find the source of the disruption,…
Great Lakes Region,USA
Once again,.Thanks CCP !!