Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

Why shut down the servers? I can log in fine. No need to punish us for being able to play.

I’m so happy to be able to see the new splash screen before the eve launcher opens… Thanks for making Eve good looking… Now please get back to making the game work.


Lag issues in South Africa may be related to the undersea cables still under repair. This is impacting international bandwidth from SA to Europe. These cables were damaged by undersea earthquakes.

The work is being done by crews aboard the Leon Thevenin, which left Cape Town on January 24 to fix the South Atlantic 3/West Africa Submarine Cable (SAT3/WASC) and the West African Cable System (WACS). ISPs least affected are Vodacom and MTN, but even they have some lag. Some ISPs are badly impacted - no connectivity at all (Afrihost had agreements for bandwidth on these 2 cables).

So check with your ISP on how this has impacted them, do speedtests. Lag may not be EVE related.

More info here:

Logged in just fine this morning, and chat is working. I hope this means CCP has a handle on this thing - Eastern Midwest USA.

Zeewolf 46137 wrote: Why shut down the servers? I can log in fine. No need to punish us for being able to play.

Because it’s not fair for everyone playing the game. If only half of your clientele can log into the game, or maybe even 2/3rds can log into the game, then that 1/3 can ultimately lose all they had worked hard at keeping. The game allows everyone to be able to keep their own things if they work hard at keeping it.

Take null for instance. You must keep your ADMs up in order to keep the bad guys from moving in. But if you can’t log in to do so, then you are ultimately being forced by the game makers to lose your game because people can’t log in to defend their space.

That’s an unfair advantage. Because those that can log in will exploit the F’ out of that. Reimbursements of ships and citadels is one thing, but you can’t reimburse systems. Unless you do a full rewind of the game, back to when it all started. But that would also cause a massive Cluster F’ for all, game makers, gamers, and exploiters.


Please find the new status update below:

  • The situation is improving and we see less unsuccessful logins overall in the last 24 hours.
  • Chat also looks to be in better shape, but some problems are still being reported.
  • The team continues the investigation while keeping a close eye on the health of our live services.
  • We were also speaking with our industry friends when looking at different options that players can consider, and would like to suggest trying GeForce Now service as a way to play EVE Online. Nvidia is currently running an offer on their premium service offering a free three-month trial which could help access EVE Online while we work on the connectivity problems on our end.

Thank you very much for your patience. Please continue letting us know about any issues you are experiencing with EVE Online.



I noticed setting the QoS on my router for EVE over the correct ports assisted with connectivity. Used PORT TCP 26000

Ok as of today “Day 11” was finally able to get on, and so far after 3 hours of being online no disconnects but still minor lag issues and chat sometimes goes in and out. Still not actually going to Undock and do anything for a day or so to make sure its stable, don’t want to losing anymore isk from losing a ship over a disconnect. its already been 11 days whats another day or two to make sure its going to hold up.

Game worked fine for me allday and night then today I just lagged out got kicked and cant log back in iv had one day of game play in the last 14 days!!!

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I found problem to connect. really hard. I pay for omega, so you should work in some compensation for omega players!
That is I think you should do.

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Very nice! I’ve noticed significant improvements here in Georgia, USA.

I’d like to respectfully request we start talking about some incentives for disgruntled players to come back to New Eden and for those of us who’ve been patiently waiting for this mess to resolve.

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i agree

More good news - thanks. Keep on keeping on :smiley:

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I get denied when i try to log on from the launcher, but after the game window opens after my denial i can just hit connect and i log on just fine. Ive only been disconnected a few times during this whole DDoS debacle.

I love getting reactions from eve players when ■■■■ hits the fan…poke the right cords and they go off on you like a deltaV to the moon

Unknown callback : We were unable to log you in to the EVE Online Help center because we received an unexpected or unknown callback from it and therefor don’t know what to do.

Error Reference Code: 1a071182-08d0-4a0f-b312-d0a9feeb8a92


Why would you expect anything less than salt from EVE Capsuleers during and after all this? This isn’t the SIMS or Diablo. Player sandbox games with player-run economies, and corp-owned systems that need defending and refueling, etc … are profoundly affected by selective outages.

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i.e. If I can’t play, nobody can !!!

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That’s basically correct. In a persistent universe whereby if only a select few are able to log in, you put players in corporations in star systems who are affected by outages - at risk for hostile takeover and destruction. That’s not fair.


I am nobody, therefore i can play right?