Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

Is there going to be any Omega extensions for those who were omega at the start of this mess to compensate them for not being able to use their paid subscriptions?


Just keep calm.

Yesterday I could at least get into the system via “connect”. Today, can’t get past the launcher.

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I understand to a point about outside influence. but after a while you need to do something cause bottom line this isn’t the player’s fault(for the most part) and cinsidering I’m south of chicago and This crap is Still affecting my game play. . .

@CCP_Dopamine just had a thought that could make things easier for those of us who are having serious connection issues…how about opening up eve portal for a limited time to allow skill management for alpha and omega both…I imagine a lot of people are holding onto resubs/new subs to see how the connection issues shake out…

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Here is a quick status update:

  • Chat issues changed from MONITORING to ON-GOING as players are reporting problems with the service being unreliable.
  • The investigation to improve the overall situation has been on-going and will continue while teams are working on finding solutions to the service stability problems.

Lets add some more to the mystery: Here are my Tracert Result. However, I am currently logged into the game w/little lag (no chat however); I just used the connect button after it timed out the first time.

How does that make any sense based on these results.


can’t get past the launcher. South of Chicago(Central Illinois, USA)

Connecting has been ok-ish over the last few days (UK). One alt usually gets refused but then clicking [Connect] works. The other alt always gets in first time. Both alts JC-ed to hisec three days ago as soon as I realised that local isn’t reliable and I won’t be going back to losec until the local and chat issues are resolved (otherwise might as well be in WH space). Life in hisec isn’t what I returned to New Eden for. Just logged both alts in, both local windows show the same pilots - that’s a first since Friday. Thanks for this megathread - a big improvement on searching through twitter to find out what is happening.

I get that the log in issues are frustrating, but that’s ridiculous, no matter the issue

do people even read the OP FFS?


Obviously its CCP looking for Russian agents passing briefcases of fake ads through the system. Ever watch the Matrix? That stuff is so real.

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Of course not

I feel like there are people who don’t fully understand how devastating a ddos is, some people are treating it like its an easy fix here

Good day, since the beginning of DOS attacks, in-game chats do not work, unfortunately they still do not work for me, although some providers from Russia have chats for this moment at least something shows. I also get a message about the inability to connect to chats, port 5222 is open when checking, as advised on the site I get the correct message.

easy fix or not, if they don’t get it handeled soon, it’s gonna be blackout numbers all over again.

So i can log in using a vpn. I am in the uk, and he vpn also directs to the uk… wtf?

Uh, don’t you think that by posting on the forums using your character name that someone might be able to track posts made with the same name on other websites even those you are using a VPN?

just saying.

Still have connection problems.
I always connect at my third try.
The same if I pay from my laptop or my desktop.
I cleared eve cache but the problem is the same.

Tracert is good for a locally controlled network, its pointless to run over the Wide Web as a lot of systems will not respond to the packet request, this is for security of that system. No one wants to see DNS floods again or anything of the sort from beyond your first end point.

Sadly with DDoS, you have to sit out the tide and wait as each network engineer tries to come up with a solution that doesn’t cause more issues or major changes, this is a long process, my best wishes are with the engineers from here on out.