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This has always puzzled me…but why can’t you add up all the transactions and show me a total of what I spent on this account?
When you go to Billing and Sub’s you show the last 50 transactions.
How about having a “Total” so I don’t have to go count 2860 plex for 99.99 ten times and add packs and game time with a calculator?
What about the 50 transactions prior?
If I log into Star Citizen they show me I spent 4k usd total at the bottom.
Why is the Total spent missing from Account Management?
Plz Add a way to figure out total spent.

I think this is a feature to prevent your significant other from finding out.

I’m sorry for your loss


I wouldn’t call investing into something that isn’t owned by Pearl Abyss a loss.
EvE has been out 20 years and they can’t even show you what you spent on your account.

There are games not even out yet that can already do this.

SC does that , because it matters . pledging gives in-game advantages and opportunity.

in eve , it doesn’t matter .

credit cards don’t show your lifetime spending , merchants and stores don’t , amazon doesn’t , etc .

it’s not as if you have to go through your entire history each time . you’ve already totaled up your spending to-date , so it’s a few seconds to add any new charges .

as opposed to the dev time to implement this feature , for every eve account . considering this is the first time I’ve seen this complaint , i doubt the majority of players care , or would rather that dev time be spent on something that benefits the whole community .


So you won’t know how much Frostpacker had ever spent?

I’m sorry you fell victim to an online scam and hope your bank can help you recover your money.

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Holy cow…

I used to have a guildie ( in another game ) that spent just over 1000 bucks on ships for SC. A few of those ships were somewhat large and impressive looking. I dont understand why people are that fascinated with game objects to spend that kind of money, but its their money. Ill never tell them what they can and cant do with it.

The real kick in the tool bag would be if they just shut that game down. Imagine…all those dollars.


You made me snort out my coffee…

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You can. And CCP doesn’t need to be involved.

Every 3 months, I import my family‘s expenditures, bank transactions, credit card statements, account statements, etc into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is our household‘s personal accounting ledger. The spreadsheet applies basic accounting principles and spits out the income statement and balance sheet for the quarter. I can tell you how much I’ve spent on Eve Online. Or coffees at Starbucks. Or many other expenditures.

Yes it takes time and effort, but it empowers yourself with knowledge now and in the future for questions like these.

There’s paid personal accounting software that does this for you if you don’t know basic accounting principles and need the help.

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RSI has done well for itself manipulating lots of money out of folks. Sunk cost fallacy has really paid off for them. I know one of those unfortunate souls who begged me for a couple years to play star citizen with them. About a year ago I did…lasted a few hours until I couldn’t stand the buggy mess. Half a billion USD “invested” from suc…donors…

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