Transfer Isk Bug

If the “Transfer Isk” window is attached to a new window, such as a chat channel, and that new window is too small to fit the Transfer Isk UI, the Transfer Isk UI will display outside of the window in a non-interactive state. As seen below, the ui components render outside of the window when size doesn’t fit them.

As stated, the UI components are non-interactive, so you are unable to enter an isk amount, enter a reason, or click the OK or Cancel buttons.


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Please report through the in-game reporting tool/option.
It makes it a lot easier for a developer to replicate and this start work on fixing a fault.

It’s also possible that just posting it here may lead to it being overlooked.

I’ve reported minor UI weirdness in game in the past - edge cases where I may be the only one seeing it. They do get addressed, but it may take a while, and you probably will just experience a moment of “oh, they’ve fixed it!” surprise. Patience is a skill worth learning.

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