Transparent Neocom menu

Is there any way to remove the transparency?


General Display Settings.

Shaders settings mid or high.

Shaders on high, neocom is still transparent.


There needs to be an option to make these windows opaque.


It doesn’t work.

It’s still transparent, which is why I’m reporting it.

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It doesn’t seem to be as bad on maximum graphics settings, but if you’re multiboxing - or in Jita 4-4 - and need to turn the settings down to stop your card melting, the transparency is impossible to switch off.

I can barely read the text because of the transparent NeoCom menu. Please adjust the neocom to respect the transparency setting.


One small change would vastly improve photon ui "“disable light background for all” toggle in the settings menu for the game so it can be a default option FOR ALL windows rather than having to be constantly reset individually for each window every time it opens.

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The neocom needs to be excempt from transparent settings. I want transparency on all of my windows, but not neocom.
That’s how the old UI handled it, and it worked fine. I consider this a bug.

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