Transports with teeth

Despite their primary role as industrial ships, all four boast considerable missile firepower for their size, to deter potential aggressors keen on plundering their valuable cargo.

I dont know, these miners seem to explode like the other ones.

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Gonna be lots more of that…

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aggressors detered

Not so much teeth, more like an old person trying to gum you to death. Armed haulers were nothing more than a placebo to placate the high sec residents who have been asking for them for 20 years. If CCP had put turret slots on them instead of launchers, they would be mining in them, guaranteed.


The Deluge has potential though.

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Eagerly awaiting the first Avalanche kill. Probably won’t be long…

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Ah…one of those ’ I can get away with flying this to Jita with no fittings rather than transport the fittings here ’ cases.

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Don’t worry the avalanche of them will soon overwhelm this weak attempt to get ahead of the coming salt rivers from cOdE and they’re copycats.

The glory days are ahead.

We need an entire sub all it’s own for the local chat and evemails with all the whining.

but how can they shoot back if they are in autopilot?

I believe CCP should implement some kind of auto-targeting device which auto-activates during a gank. That way it would be more fair for HS Haulers.

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they would be good if 1 person attacks you , the issue is that its never one person other than null sec , not much you can do with 15-16 bots and 1 actual person controlling them . so I guess it will deter a stealth bomber lol , they’ve already nerfed them to hell and back so no need to buy the skills or anything , just stick with old faithful , argueably they are worse then the dsts now with the nerf cause they dont have as good a tank .

hello? it seems that the new haulers have been nerfed in less than 24 hours.

Everytime an EVE player says that, a cloaked figure should magically appear right next to him, slap him in the face and disappear in a smelly fog.

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are you aware that the avalanche was nerfed even before the official release?

My god guys if you are going to buy a ship at least outfit it LOL

Are these people or bots at this point?

Gankers honestly do a great cleanup service of New Eden.


They’re unhappy strawberry tourists.


I am still awaiting to feel the missiles aborting my efforts of space policing:


Never lucky.

It’s amazing how people still to this day do this sort of dumb stuff.

This squall was proudly armed with missiles, but he did 0 damage, I dont understand it

And here we go…the first kill of an Avalanche…

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well at least it had tank modules. Good on that guy.

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