Trapped Pilots Freed at Last

Two or more of my pilots were being trapped in null-sec, and I finally was able to move them away from there yesterday.

Apparently, I may not have been the only one in this situation, and the ordeal is far from over.

I still have around 5b to 10b worth of assets in there to get moved out by courier services.

I am also working on analysing the screenshots.

So, now, I have to earn a few more ISK to be able to cover for the courier cost transfer, that is before Friday, or even earlier this week, as they issued a deadline about this.
It may not be possible to move the 5b worth of assets at a 10% or 5% cost for courier.

Your point is?

My point is that my trapped pilots are freed at last.

What about you?


Yea congrats…no one but you truly cares? lol. Im kidding. Its always a relief when assets get freed.

Yes, except in this case, the problem was not assets, or them being freed. (The previous problem that is.)

The assets were accessible via an agent which was allowed into the system.
A friendly courier service was willing and able to provide the moving of those assets for a low cost of under 10% at around 5% or less.

The problem was: as stated:
the pilots were not able to move.

Yesterday, I finally got my first Safety notification that the assets were moved, which now created another problem.
If I had them moved before , it would have costed me only around 5% of 5b worth of assets, which is equal to around 500m.
Now, I may have to use BlackFrog or some other higher costs methods if I do it myself or services if I accept other’s work.
BlackFrog used to charge 300m to start, although that amount may have lowered to around 200m.
Then, additional costs were added on top, such as for volume and estimated value as part of collateral.
The 300m is the payout value after the collateral is returned.

I can however move a great part of it by interceptor or fleet of interceptors, literally.
I can also use other moving methods for larger items which would not fit in interceptors.

Pilots = manpower
Manpower = a kind of asset

The pilots have jump clones and medical which are not able to function when in a station where the clone bay access is disabled or inactive for the pilot.

That station may authorize other pilots to use the clone bay.

If your medical clone is in a hostile station, your pilot clone would end up in that hostile station if it was to go there upon death.

If you can’t change your medical clone to your school station because that the clone bay is not accessible , you would still be stuck there.

Manpoower costs different for different situation.
You may have a manpower cost of 10b to 250b for certain tasks, while others only have 1b or are offered 250b for it, which is a 500b of a half a trillion difference in manpower costs.

Now, someone who doesn’t care about business and has all his work done by others may be able to get away with something like this, while for others it would be an act of war, if not a war crime.

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