Travelling within a solar system

Spent the last couple days looking for answer but thought I would ask… Using the directional scanner and playing with range and angle I have been able to pinpoint an area I want to travel to, but there is nothing close to warp to. Specifically, it is wrecks and a cargo container. Distance is about 10au. Probe scanners (at least with my probes) don’t show those type of items. So, how to travel 1+ au within a system? What am I missing?

You cannot warp to objects you see in D-scan and you cannot scan down wrecks or containers. Your choices are either to slowboat to it (Takes too long and the error-chance is way too much) or warp to something that has a warp-path cross it and make a bookmark mid-warp and hope you get close.

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Thanks Wander. I didn’t know the bookmark would work while warping. I appreciate the tip. It would be interesting I think if they could add a manual warp for truly free travel within a system. Is it common for there to be objects that are not less than 3au from a warp object?

To expand what Wander Prian said:

EVE is pretty much destination-oriented, you cannot warp around unless you warp-to something.

The directional scanner (d-scan) is there to give you an idea of what’s around you. You can see ships (by the ship name, not by the player’s name), and you can see wrecks, objects, player bases, etc. But you cannot warp to these from the d-scan window; they’re there as just info. What it’s used for: for detecting enemies around a stargate, or a starbase with active guns, without having to go there first.

Probes, on the other hand, are used to obtain a warp-to destination, but the destinations are limited by the kind of probe you’re using. Core Probe Launchers with core probes only scan exploration sites and wormholes, basically “sites” that you can warp-to. Expanded Probe Launchers with combat probes can also scan player ships, drones, and player bases, and you can warp-to them (these are typically used to find players who are hiding at safe-spot bookmarks). What it’s used for: to find exploration sites, or player ships currently inside exploration or mission sites, or hiding at safe-spot bookmarks.

No system lets you scan NPC wrecks or cargo containers. You CAN, however, probe out player ships that are in the vicinity, or Mobile Tractor Units if they’ve left any behind to automatically collect the loot.

Now, the options mentioned:

  1. Slowboat means flying at sub-warp speeds. You can get an interceptor or fast frigate, load up its capacitor so it recharges fast enough to keep a microwarpdrive burning, and doubleclick in the direction where you’re trying to go. A frigate / interceptor can achieve 2 - 4 km/s, and you’re trying to traverse 1 au = 150,000,000 km, so it will take 1.2 years of continuous flight per au. It’s a realistic game.

  2. If you can somehow pinpoint on the solar system map where the stuff is, you can try to “land” a bookmark in the spot, or close to the spot. This involves warping between planets or stations and creating bookmarks with ctrl-b so that your bookmarks are placed closer and closer to the site. If you somehow find two planets or stations or bookmarks where the line between them intersects your target spot, you can time your ctrl-b and drop a bookmark, and the server will likely place it on top of the containers because that location already exists in the server memory.

  3. You can warp-to a distant planet, but how far you actually travel in warp depends on how much capacitor energy you have, at the moment when you order your ship to go. It’s possible to activate armor repairers or shield boosters or energy neutralizers and drain your own capacitor, so you warp towards something but land half-way, or only 1 au away from where you started.

As far as CCP adding “free warp”, they probably won’t. It would be too easy for people to fly away from the sun and get to ridiculous au distances, outside of the envelope that can be covered by probes. And thus become undetectable and avoid PVP. CCP doesn’t want that, and in fact they nerfed the bookmark system in the past to make it impossible to create “far away” bookmarks. So they likely won’t allow free warping.


Excellent information and very helpful. Thank You!

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