Warp in exploration

Why the ships can only warp to a location if the cosmic sigature is green? It would be useful to warp to the aproximate location of the signature and then detect it using the overview window that I think has a radious of 32 AU to dedect objects.


Because EVE, regardless of what they say, isn’t an Open-world game.
In a true Open-world game you’d be able to warp anywhere you want but CCP doesn’t let you do a LOT of things because they keep a tight leash on what players can and cannot do so players feel they have to do things and those things bring money to the developers.
EVE is not a game, it’s a scam. I fell for it but I won’t be overly strict on myself since the hook - a space game - is a pretty strong hook for online players.
If you want a piece of advice: don’t sink a dollar in EVE.

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Wrong! You can use MWD or MJD to get to site without scanning it.

A grid is the finite viewable area surrounding any object in space. This is typically a sphere approximately 8000 km in each direction starting from the object the grid is surrounding.


You’re wrong on this. Technically you could just fly to those sites but it probably would take months. In EVE warping requires a target, it’s not like supercruise in Elite.


Why in the overview window appers a lot of objects in like 30 AU range? It detects only certain types of objects?

So it’s just a rule that is put in the game to make it more hard? Or there is an explanation acording to the lore?

It’s a game design choice, nothing more. Frankly I don’t understand the issue you’re having, some “hidden” locations take effort (scanning) to find them, what’s the problem with that?

I just don’t understand why i can’t warp to and area of 0,25 AU when I know the signature is in that area even if isn’t green yet by scaning with the probes in that range. Is there an explanation for that on the lore? If there’s no explanation, I would feel bad exploring knowing that making the signature turn to green is just a minigame to make the game harder instead of something that is really necessary acording to the lore.


Ok so you’re being purposely obtuse.

Why should everything be easy or instant?

It’s just a mechanic to make things harder. It has nothing whatsoever to do with lore ( which is convoluted, doesn’t make sense and isn’t even complete ) it’s the Devs’ poor excuse for open-world sandbox where you’re free to play as you’re told.

There’s no problem in being hard. I just want an explanation for that process of turning the signature to green to be necessary. On the overview window I see objects in like 30 AU of distance. So why I need to scan an object until it turns to green if I could just get closer and detect it by the overview window?

There’s nothing to understand there. The game is made that way with very specific purposes in mind, nothing having to do with money, I promise you :rofl:

What does that have to do with it? It’s just a gameplay mechanic to have hidden sites that take effort to find. In fact it’s how I make my isk, scanning those combat sites other people don’t look for or seem to care about.

Oh nothin, except for the fact that you’re paying way too much for what you actually get but that’s besides the point, right?

I have 2 omega accounts now, paid for not plexed. I’m getting lots and lots of entertainment and value out of it. As I said in the other thread I figured out why you’re raging so much, it’s just some losses. Get over it and keep on trucking.


I am not raging. I have chosen to be explorer so I just want that this vocation makes sense according to the lore. For me, that’s important. Don’t take Han Zealot’s words as mine. I don’t know if he/she is right.

I play a lot of games and I know that the communities usually do not care about the lore. They just want to compete and win it doesn’t matter how and in what game. They just want to pick the esiest character or strategy to achieve victory. So they probably do not care if this minigame makes sense or not according to the lore as long they can play and compete. But for me it matters a lot. The game is not fun for me just by being competitive.

Sorry, EVE isn’t THAT great of a game to let myself be bothered by something as trivial as losing a few ships. But it isn’t that great of a game to let myself be ganged upon and be happy about it either.
I loath the day I signed up for EVE but I also love the fact that it taught me a good lesson: never pay monthly subscription for a game. And EVE is the ONLY game I ever paid subscription for… sure taught me.

Well I have a vastly different experience so far but we’re all different and do different things. GL anyway :slight_smile:

What would be the benefit?
0,25 AU, that’s 37’000’000 km - and you even don’t know in which direction!
Even if you knew the direction, it would take 42 days flying in a 10km/s ship, which would be quite fast btw.

And basically I strongly suggest not to consider physical standards for granted, but learn how it works in EVE - and just accept the gameplay. In the end, it’s just a kind of a somewhat complicated board game with 17 years old rules. I had to learn that the hard way, too…

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It would be cool if there was a special ability like if you had Covert Ops V trained you could see what the red sigs were but you had to scan them down still for warp.

I remember I saw in some forum that the overview window can detect object up to 32 AU. Then if I could warp closer to the signature I would be able to see it on overview window already.