Tried to buy an SP pack, PayPal payment failed, still charged, didn't get SP pack

I submitted a request but not getting a response. Is there anything else I should do or anyone else I should contact? Not a super big deal - was only $10 (but that’s quite a bit when you only have $30 lol…) - it’s just nagging me… And now, after trying to buy a 50k SP pack for $10 and being charged and not getting it, the very next day, a 250k SP + skins pack goes on sale for $10… So I feel double shafted lol…

Wait for a response.

I’m kinda confused here and going to assume (but might be wrong) that you sent money to your paypal wallet to them pay CCP with that. If the paypal payment failed isn’t it then still on your paypal wallet? Might want to double check that.

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There’s a lot of things to check, can’t really support this through forums. Is it a Steam purchase, what stage of the payment failed etc. At a guess it sounds like you confirmed the charge through PayPal, but then when it returned you to the EVE store website you didn’t get the confirmation that the package was added to your account.

First step is to give Support the details through a ticket, provide any screen shots or transaction records you can. Let them know you want the transaction cancelled if possible (so you can put the $10 towards the new sale pack).

Once you’ve got a reply let them know the new pack is the one you want, in case they have to manually add the item to your account. Be clear in what you’re asking to be done, they’re not mind-readers so you need to take the time to communicate clearly.

Edit: you should be able to update or add to your existing ticket, even if it hasn’t been replied to yet.

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I purchased through the the regular Eve Online store website. I’m not sure how to concisely word the payment stage but, I clicked the pack on the website, clicked “buy” or whatever, clicked PayPal as the payment method (only because my bank/debit card refuses to allow it), then it took me to the PayPal page and I clicked “buy”. This is where it just sat there and continued to load… I guess I’m stupid - I’ve been using the freaking internet for nearly 30 years now - but I made the mistake of clicking reload - same result. So I thought maybe it went through but I just didn’t get the verification. This is where I saw I was charged twice. Both are listed on my Eve account activity and I got a verification from PayPal - and the $10 had come out from my PayPal wallet. I put all of this information in the ticket. It’s been like 2 days now or something and I still haven’t gotten a reply. I just didn’t know if I did something wrong in the way I contacted support…

I don’t know, but this could be a procedural thing as well. From my time working in retail I know it can take a week for electronic payments to settle to their final state. Things are near instant for the sake of taking your money away, but the process of returning it to you when it does not arrive properly in the receiver’s account can take a while.

Given this, it may be that, as a rule, payment tickets are not handled until there’s been a chance for all automatic processing and potential reversals from that to take place, even if this would not apply in your specific situation. Low level employees are often given commandments they have to follow whether they make sense in a particular case or not. I would give it about a week to see if it sorts itself out. If not, then I would give it another week ish for support to get back to me. Turnaround times may be longer than normal with an issue that’s required them to disable that payment method since a lot of users may have been affected and maybe for greater dollar amounts.

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CCP issued an announcement last night about issues with Paypal, can’t find it atm but I’m guessing it’s related to your issue. So just give them time to figure it out and fix it for you, still don’t expect this to be fixed quickly because monetary things never are.


I made the payment successfully and received a receipt from PayPal, but the transaction record on the official website shows that it is pending payment. I also submitted a ticket but did not receive a reply

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