Trig invasion feedback

There are already a couple of threads with special topics (kt, Incursions, fits,…) about the new trig invasion, but no thread for collecting general feedback or wishes for the addition itself.

Moderators, please feel free to consolidate :slight_smile:

As someone who is a big fan of the seasonal events (rip?), I like the invasion. It’s sandbox, has tough NPCs, has different activities tied together nicely (shooting, looting, salvaging, mining), resulting in challenges and not pre-defined and different strategies to success.

The NPC fleets so far have a good composition and balance, however the swarm is not “creative” enough on grid at least in the minor conduits. I never saw them warping, or splitting up on targets. My wish would be that “spectators” at range or close to a HVT immediately experience some harassment from a small group.

The mutaplasmids as loot, as a primary source of income for the shooting fraction, looks nice on paper, but sells badly. Mainly because the (A)DMC variants are not that attractive. I know this is tricky, but can we get something more in demand? If all fails, you can increase the red loot amount.

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