Trigger Neurolink Counduits (i.e. gas) are too expensive?

Looking at the blueprints of faction ships we can find that the requirements in these modules can reach and even exceed 50% of the current market cost of an actual item!

Vindicator costs smth around 1,5bil (maybe less), but the cost of required TNCs are over 1bil already!
Look at the picture (it’s 700+400mils per different conduit):

Also, as we explore deeper, we will find that these conduits consits of… simple gas (mykocerosins). I mean, 90%+ of the cost is the gas cost.

There are other kinds of items such as PI products, moon materials, minerals which sharing altogether(!) lesser part of the total cost.

So, the question is - isn’t it too much for the gas to be in such high demand, considering, we’re building ship hulls?

If yes, maybe we should let CCP know that there is something need to be fixed?
Sadly, I’m not specializing in production, but having dozens of Vindicator BPCs I don’t feel I want to build them nor sell them (prices are strangely low - I’d better keep them gathering dust for another twenty years).

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The problem is a there just isn’t enough gas spawning. CCP did a good job of expanding the regions where gas could be found, but the sites are just not common. Gas harvesting in hi-sec is my favorite in-game activity but the rarity of actually accomplishing it keeps me from playing regularly.

Since most average players think gas huffing is boring you are left with a small niche of players and still far too few sites. Add to that CCP decided to convert a really nice high-sec island with two very expensive flavors of gas into low sec with their stupid new mechanics…this is what you get. Classic high-demand low-supply situation with very fast price increases.

then the value of gas will increase
then more people will start huffing it
then prices will adjust

don’t ask CCP to fix everythg
it is a sandbox, it is up to players to adjust their behaviour etc

you can hover the bottom group.

yeah because the mat cost has historically been low, price being mostly from LP store.
I agree it was a bit too much though.

Or not.The value of an infinitely accessible resource would adjust relatively to the cost to access it.

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