Triglaivian Interdictor

Kind of a simple idea, not gonna lie
Triglaivian interdictor, a variation on the Kikimora.
Costs about 550mil

-Same slot layout as Kiki
-Same bouses as kiki except…
-Doesn’t get bonuses to entropic disintegrator
-Can fit an ‘entropic disabler’

an ‘entropic disabler’ is a warp bubble that surrounds the ship in a 10km radius with a 5 second cycle time, the bubble increases by 1km per cycle with a max of 25km.

With the introduction to a HAC vedmak coming, I feel that there could be even more t2 variants of triglavian ships.

Edited ranges bc I was pretty dumb with the 100km distance

100km ??? 5 seconds???

looks at his lvl5 HICs Bubble

Whatever you smoke: Take less… or at least share.


With the introduction of triglavian HACs and HICtors i fear they will be the only ships on Abyssal arena… because Vedmak is already very powerful.

Some more detail on “why this is a terrible idea”, so you might understand where I am comming from:

You basicaly want to plant a Warp Disruption Field Generator, wich go on HICs, on an Interdictor, wich usualy have Interdiction Sphere Launchers. The differences are quite obvious: A WDFG can keep its Bubble open as long as the HIC has CAP and HP to spill. The interdictor has 3 launches out of his ISL before it runs into a 1 minute reload.

Range. Oh my God.
A Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II has a Bubbleradius of 40k, and those monsters are allready ginormous!
A fully skilled HIC can run a 25k T2-Bubble (26k if you put ~100m-ISK into a faction-Bubble)
A Interdictor may choose between Surgical Warp Disruption Probes and 10k range, or ‘normal’ Warp disruption Probes and 20k range.
You want 100km Radius. ONE HUNDRED! That is one 200km border-to-border freaking gridfill of a Bubble that, if executed as you say, can be expandet to 300km (150km radius) in less than one minute! Serious question: Are you nuts? Can you even Imagine what this means? This can be translated to: "Sit at Gate with a SniperGang, Wait for Targets to hit grid. They end at the edge of the Bubble and can safely be taken care of. If they are too tanky for your guns, oh nevermind, thanks to:

Time. 5 Seconds. If your enemy is 100k away, thats very much nothing. Cut the Bubble, warp of while your Oponent still compute if it is faster to burn 50k away to have you in Warp-Range or burn 100k to you in order to get a hold on you.

What you want is outperforming both: HIC and Interdictor. That T2-Triglavian Interdictor would make HICs utterly pointless as it outperforms them in every single aspect except HP… but, then again, you dont need a shitton of HP if you can just sit 100k away from the combat. Anything that is fast enough to cover that kind of distance in a reasonable time is EASILY removed by a destroyer-size-and-bonus-hull if it burns straight at said destroyer-sized-hull. Anything that might have enough firepower over that kind of range has serious trouble targeting it before it warps off. This has “Solo-ROFLSTOMP” written all over it, and we don’t need those here.

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Can be used in high sec
Is not considered an aggressive act



Maybe a different way to approach this is not a warp interdiction bubble but a resistance or damage entanglement sphere whereby if you leave the bubble your ship loses a flat percentage of resistance type. If you remain inside you are fine. Manual piloting out, warping out, or being booshed out would trigger this debuff.

Abyssal deadspace pockets are spherical. Leaving them imparts damage and or lowered resistance.

Rejoice friends for I have edited ranges!

M8 if you wanna come to NYC i’ll gladly share

Edited ranges, and how would it solo roflstomp people? It can’t fit an entropic disintegrator so it only has 1 turret slot.

Still -way- to much range (something about 10k start and 22k max would be ok-ish, maybe), still to short a cycletime (Hic-bubbles run 20 seconds in overheat), still giving an Interdictor the role of a HIC, still outperforming both while being 100m cheaper than an actual HIC, making the later one entirely pointless.

Make it an actual HIC if you want to use it like a HIC. Put the cost somewhere arround 500m and then maybe it gets to a point where it might be not terrible.

And maybe make it something realy unique. Like… -95% max Speed penalty while Active (reduced by 10% per level in “new Bubblemod”), -80% Ship Signature, Start-Cycletime: 30 seconds (-5% cycletime per finished cycle down to a minimum of 15 seconds, -5% Capacitor need per finished cycle down to a maximum of -50%), start with a range of 0m pinpointed on the Ship, increases by 3k per finished cycle up to a maximum of 30k…

Somewhat like that, so the other HICs dont get entirely useless.

The HICS aren’t useless though, they get crazy resist buffs, and they can actually fit their own guns.

Most people I know, including me, dont fit guns on the HIC, in order to have Tank (dual 1600mm faction kind of tank) because they need to be close and personal. as oposed to dictors that drop a probe and can burn to wherever they want.

Oh, I have fit guns and I haven’t lost a HIC yet…

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