Triglasion invaders ships scanning wrecks

Just before shutdown today I was caught at a station where the fleet of invaders were chilling when all of a sudden one starts to salvage wreck of a downed venture.

What are we in for if they want our loot?

Picture proof


That just looks like one of their standard scanning beams. Did they actually remove the wreck from grid with it?

And its not “our” salvage. Its salvage, it belongs to the people.

Property is theft, man.


I didn’t stick around as they are nasty to solo and waste of time cause zero bounty.

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Yeah they scan things a bit with red beams, a bit like how Lancers do with their beams.

Wierdly, they are aggressive at gates with or without a scan, but when they warp to POCOs and Structures then use a red beam, make the structure glow red, but dont seem to attack undocking ships, or tethered ships of any kind unless provoked.

EDIT: This behaviour may change depending on intensity level of the Invasion (THE INVASION dundundun) but I dont have enough data atm.

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They are doing that beam thing also on you when you are tethered. No idea what the lore is about this behavior.

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41 sec would be me searching but never finding.

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