Triglavian Abduction to Thera

Lore explanation:
Triglavian’s are reclaiming Thera as a base of their invasion operations. The Collective see their contribution to ancient conduit forming technology and stabilization of Thera’s boundaries as superseding claim sovereignty on the hub zone. The Triglavian Collective seeks to cull mediocre/afk capsuleers by pulling them into a ‘thunderdome’ of Thera to be bumped off and weeded out.

Abduct the AFK:
Irregardless of being docked up or piloting a ship in space, if the player is logged on and anywhere in an invasion zone (and this is critical), if they are NOT actively fighting Triglavians, they have a chance of being abducted and sent to Thera.

Yes, players are still in danger even if they are docked up and logged in.

Players are safe upon their first log-in if they happen to be in an invasion zone that day and have 9 minutes to sort out their affairs and leave system and dock up somewhere else if they wish to not participate in fighting Triglavians or fending off the abduction mini-game. However, players will not be able to safe-log in invasion zone stations unless they want to wake up next log-on in Thera.

Counting Down:
Obviously flexible to how this timing works. I propose that every 9 minutes, players have a 1/3 probability of facing a counter hacking mini-game that pops up on their screen. Counter-hacking difficulty increases each time the player wins. The win ‘fatigue’ gauge is persistent if a player leaves the invasion zone, however outside the invasion zone a player is immune from abduction, even with a timer. The timer and difficultly curve only reset if the player deals any amount of damage to a Triglavian ship. This means ninja looters, or cloaky afk’ers, must contribute to the fight against Triglavians if they wish to remain in the invasion zone. Structure pilots and pilots on grid with a structure armor or hull timer are exempt.

Failure to win results in abduction to Thera and the player is deposited in space at a long tethered Triglavian superstructure. Tethered players may be bumped and is effective for weeding out those that decided to be afk in an invasion zone. There is no docking with this structure, and will likely be bubbled to hell. The only way to escape is to fight ones way out.

Summary of points:
-Players docked up or in space of an active Triglavian invasion zone would be sent to Thera if they don’t contribute by actively attacking Triglavians.
-Every 9 minutes, AFK, cloaked, and non-combatant players in the invasion zone are presented with a mini-game that decides whether they are sent to Thera for being ‘mediocre.’
-Any amount of damage resets the timer and hacking mini-game difficulty curve.
-‘Mediocre’ players that are sent to Thera are dropped in space tethered to a new Triglavian superstructure that does not allow docking. Players may be bumped off tether and will be required to fight their way out if they wish to save the ships or pods they were transported to Thera.


Posting in not-so-stealthy “nerf AFK cloakers” thread.

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No. Hell no.
Firstly, Triglavians are not space wizards. Their tech is mostly the same as ours
Secondly this would be the worst imaginable gameplay and would force people just to quit playing for a week. Not to mention the hacking game could easily kill people. you get it pop up while mining right while a fleet warps in, you die because the game blocked your ui.
I can’t state strongly enough how bad an idea this is.

I cannot stop coming up with reasons as to why these would be bad, bad, bad, bad, bad ideas.

@Pearl_Abyss_Diver so as to not shut you down completely: why don’t you clearly state problems you acknowledge, anticipate, hypothesize, etc and how they could be addressed or why it would be acceptable to ignore them. I think if you take ownership of the obvious (and not so obvious) objections we all invariably have, then we might be more amenable to not only accept your ideas but help craft it into something where some ideas, at least in spirit, are adopted.

When I last played RuneScape over 10 years ago, for example, they had amazing anti-botting features regarding randomly spawning NPCs that interact with you that penalized you for not interacting back, or they’d teleport you to a mini game and penalize you for not participating (ie. AFKing) or doing poorly (they were easy enough for a 1st grader to do) before teleporting you back with rewards if you did well or really messed you up (eg. teleported you to a random place) if you did poorly. This is a proof of concept, but if such an anti-botting/AFK feature were to be introduced, it would need to be substantially different.

For example, an NPC could drop on you and create a wormhole that very, very slowly sucks you in so that AFKers will get sucked in and those paying attention will move away from it, thereby preventing themselves from being teleported. This is an example by which an anti-AFK/botting NPC could drop in on you and engage with you in a non-combat fashion.

Another example: NPCs drop in on you and initiate a conversation using an interface similar to the mission dialogues or the dialogues you see in epic arcs. Your response (ie. via selection, combat, warping away, etc) or lack thereof within a limited time frame determines their response, which may or may not be favorable. But at least you would have had the opportunity to respond if you were not AFKing or botting. “Boys! I think he’s asleep at the wheel! Let’s go get him!” rats warp in and shoot you

On behalf of 99.5% of the EVE community, I can tell you under no circumstances (apart from the destruction of a POS, in which case you are involuntarily but otherwise necessitated to undock) do we want to be messed with when docked. If we’re docked, we’re docked for a reason, and it is not for you or anyone else to judge our reasons or interpret our AFKness in this regard, so this is a flat out no, no further discussion. Keep in mind that there is neither gain nor disadvantage to us or any other player in being docked (apart from other players being aware of our presence), so there’s no good reason to mess with this. What problem are you trying to solve? What feature are you trying to improve? I can assure you that things like teleporting will piss off everyone and result in a wave of unsubs and ragequits, esp. among newbies.

As for your other ideas… like I said: take ownership of the obvious flaws, and we’ll be more amenable to listen and possibly come up with suitable ideas

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