Triglavian Battleship Fit Speculation and conjecture

I have a feeling they will be weak to thermal explosive. Why ? Because we know their primary damage type on that Disintegrator is thermal / explosive. And we also know about most other rat types in the game, for example Angel cartel deal Explosive / Kinetic and are vulnreable to Explosive / Kinetic, Blood Raiders deal EM/Thermal and are vulnreable to EM/thermal, etc. etc.

So if these guys deal Thermal/Explosive or Explosive/Thermal, following that logic would also make them vulnreable to it. Of course, they could follow some other rules entirely, like having lower resits but equal all across the board or having no resits at all but just flat out a ton of Hitpoints, like what you get when you make polarized fits.

I think as far as fits go, it will to a large part be determined by the range and effectiveness of the ranged ammo for the disentigrator, as well as reload time to switch between different ammo types.


Eve Online may have just jumped the shark…


They can’t even balance the EXISTING game in any coherent manner… So why not throw in a wrecking ball.


I for one welcome our new wrecking ball. I just wish I could brick my MJD to 50km. Then I’d be a happy camper…


I aim to find out



I think it may work out well actually. One of the devs in one of the videos actually mentioned that you can fit smartbombs on it. They also mentioned it will have very beefy armor tank, much more skewed towards armor vs shield then what is currently available in game.

So I think with that in mind, you can most likely make an ubber armor / smartbomb fit with a disintegrator turret making it to be a very short range brawler fit.

I do not know about any of the actual stats and performance of the long range ammo for the disintegrator. If its not good then these ships may be altogether end up primarily short range / brawler types as sniping fits on them may end up sucking real bad.


@Fluffy_Moe Make a fit?

Kinda need the stats first, but I’m thinking a large battery will be in order.

would be nice if it’s not a lazor type but if it uses ammo. To limit it a bit

At Fanfest they said it was going to use ammo (including T2), but that could just as easily mean something similar to crystals. The only thing I really got a sense of is that these weapons will have high cap usage.



[Leshak, Unnamed loadout]

Damage Control II
Large Armor Repairer II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
[empty low slot]
[empty low slot]
[empty low slot]

500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Stasis Webifier II
Warp Scrambler II
Heavy Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 800

Heavy Energy Neutralizer II
Heavy Energy Nosferatu II
Medium EMP Smartbomb II
Medium EMP Smartbomb II
Large Entropic Disintegrator II (?), entropic charge II (?)

Large Anti-Explosive Pump II
Large Nanobot Accelerator II
Large Nanobot Accelerator II

as far as the new weapons go they are focused for brawling so not sure on the utility of adding a MJD to the Leshak. however, for a escape rout it could ser its purpose, the problem is that the ship would have to kill its tackle if it wants to keep the cap mod (in the case that its really needed due to the weaponry).

ship is supposed to have bonuses to both neuts/vamp and smartbombs so it would eat less cap i think. layout is similar to Megathron except for the lesser amount of highs. three remaining lowslots are either for more tank or for any kind of damage amplifier modules for the new weapon in case that they exist, if not it could very well be something cap related (and thus open that remaining mid for MJD) or for plating, or for a double repp setup.

stats are need to know how many drones and ammo/charges you could carry. but its a good start

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21500 pg…nice.
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T2 Gun requires 17500 PG on Sisi. If that stays the ship will be completely useless for anything other than structure bashing. Really hope CCP tweaks those numbers.

The Leshak is so forced into Armor, yet it’s completely crippled by a lack of PG.

A Navy Apocalypse eclipses the Leshak in terms of armor, resistances, spare powergrid and capacitor. I hope the Trig ships get buffed because as it now stands they’re a little underwhelming.

[Leshak, Leshak]
Damage Control II
Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Entropic Suppressor II
Entropic Suppressor II
Imperial Navy Capacitor Power Relay
Energized Explosive Membrane II
Corpus X-Type Large Armor Repairer

Thukker Large Cap Battery
Imperial Navy Cap Recharger
Shadow Serpentis 100MN Afterburner
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

Large Entropic Disintegrator II

Large Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Valkyrie II x5
Hammerhead II x5
Salvage Drone I x5
Hobgoblin II x5
Vespa EC-600 x5
Hornet EC-300 x5
Acolyte II x5

Occult L x500
Mystic L x300

a solo PVE fit.

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it was raised to 21500 recently. due to the recent add of the t2 turret.

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What’s the base DPS/range on this fit? It seems a tad confusing as it has elements of PvP and PvE but is fit for neither. There are no smartbombs or neuts in the highs or warp disruptors, scrams or cap booster in the mids nor tracking computers, max damage, drone link augmentors or tractor beams for PvE. I also don’t understand the mix of uber-expensive EANM and then a T2 DC and explosive membrane.

I can’t believe they’re tweaking the stats at this stage since they’ve probably had the available weapons for more than a month now. Did they not run any fitting scenarios before releasing this to SiSi?

the range runs from 14km to 52km. the expensive membranes and crap are to get the resists up. (omnitank best tank?) the web is designed to slow down fast moving frigates as I have had issues hitting them at close range. it doesn’t need nuets or smart bombs if you are doing PVE. you could totally swap out the membranes for something else that would provide resists.

the close range starts at 640 ish DPS then can rise to 1300+. midrange starts at 500 ish and goes to 1041. Entropic Disintegrators operate in such a way that the longer the beam has contact with the target the more damage it will do.

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