Triglavian belt rats are too hard to kill

Today, using a well tanked skiff, I sat outside a structure in a 0.7 security system and tried to kill 5 Triglavian rats. I have maxed out tanking skills and I could not kill all 5 of the rats in my skiff. I had to warp off. Plus while I was getting ready to fight them they ate one of my drones. If I was using mining drones, I might lose them to the rats.

(EDIT: I have level 5 mastery for sub capital armor and shield tanking and level 5 mastery for drones… Level 5 mastery for skiff minus some mining skills that I don’t use.)

I used to like mining ore before the Triglavian belt rats were introduced to EVE. Since that happened, I have hardly mined ore at all. That used to be my main activity. It is difficult to mine ore in high sec because of the Triglavian belt rats. I am trying to do manufacturing and I cannot do that if I cannot mine the minerals.

A few weeks ago, I tried to mine ore in a 0.6 system. I have 3 toons mining in skiffs and one hauling/boosting in an Orca. I have hardly been able to mine anything because the Triglavian belt rats keep showing up. I warp out my skiffs, then kill the Triglavian belt rats. Then I have to get setup mining again. One time, just after I finished killing the Triglavian belt rats, as soon as I got setup and started mining, the Triglavian belt rats showed up again… right after I had just finished killing them! THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING! I just can’t get any ore mined because of the Triglavian belt rats.

It takes time to get into position, open the Orca fleet hangar, target rocks, start mining etc. with 3 skiffs. It seems I spend more time doing that than actually mining. It is rare that I can fill up my Orca before the Triglavian belt rats show up. What is the point of having a large ore hold if I cannot get it filled up before having to warp out because of rats?

Also, it is IMPOSSIBLE to mine ore with a hulk anymore because sometimes by the time I notice the Triglavian belt rats, they have already started attacking my hulk. A hulk just isn’t built to take that kind of damage, especially from 5 Triglavian belt rats. I have already lost one hulk to these rats.

If CCP is trying to stop people from AFK mining ore, please note that you cannot really AFK mine with a hulk because the ore hold is too small to allow for that. Besides, you can’t really AFK mine ore in high sec anyway because the rocks pop after a few minutes.

Mining with the Triglavian belt rats is like trying to mine ore in Null without the rewards of the Null ores. At least when mining in Null, the rats usually warp in far enough from you so you have a chance to get your ships out before they start shooting at you.

If I want to do PvE I’ll fight the Triglavian rats in the conduits. I REALLY don’t like them in the belts. I no longer enjoy mining ore because of the Triglavian belt rats.


Make friends in local and take turn defending each other. Offer them 10% of the minerals and they get to loot the wrecks.


Apparently the anomalies with ore, probe window, do not get visited by the razors.

There is also some connection to the Emerging Conduits but I am not sure if you kill the conduit if that eliminates the belt rats until the next one spawns.

But ya, overall it is a dumb design, now to mine not only do you need a hauler alt, you also need a combat alt.


Lets make it so you cannot complete L1-4 missions unless you get someone to help you and pay them 10% of the rewards, bounties and loot any time there is a Trig in the system.

People say the dammdest things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree that the rats are too overpowered for some of the systems they are in. And if you are new in a .9 or 1.0 they still show up in those systems. These, FOB rats, sasha rats in these systems shouldn’t be a thing but they are there and CCP cares not to fix it or they would’ve done it by now.

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fyi, they FKed up and buffed mining on the Orca so people just put one drone on each rock and all the ore goes directly to the massive ore hold.

Meaning people who play the game as designed, with command ship and exhumers, have to be at the keyboard where the others stop by every so often to retarget the drones.

On top of that the afk method uses bigger ships which can withstand the attacks.

The whole thing is ass backwards.


Have you tried not warping out your skiffs and just drone mobbing the trigs? Seems to work for my miner corpies.

By the time it is over you will have lost at least one skiff. In order for my friend to mine, I had a logi and a BC on site.

>uses non combat ships that are suited for tanking and mining
>why can’t i kill these rats?

have you tried using…combat ships?


My only problem with the Triglavian patrols is that they don’t visit Ice anomalies…

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These ships are actually pretty tanky when they logi each other. A tech1 ship up to cruiser size will have a hard time with them. Most new people are in ventures and they will kill a venture in seconds upon arrival. Not to mention these rats are NOT on the overview by default.

And there we go…another player less than satisfied with the nerf to semi-AFK mining in HS.

Mean while, NS mining continues unabated under capital/super capital umbrellas.

I mine with 3 skiffs… there is no semi-AFK while doing that… rocks pop constantly… you go AFK you don’t mine.

I lived in null for a bit. It was less worries trying to mine there. The occasional PVP fleet was to be expected. Stay aligned and get out.

Treat the Triglavian rats like you would have treated a PvP fleet in null. Mine aligned, warp out when they land. Scout out another belt that’s clean and continue mining, or bring a combat ship back to the belt you were in to clear them out.

It’s not hard. Stop thinking of hisec mining as a purely PvE activity and you’ll see that.

Having said all of that… I do agree that some of the triaglavian belt rats are a bit…potent, especially for the higher sec systems. And the fact that they’re not on the default overview yet makes it even worse. I could see maybe dialing back the number of frigates per swarm in 1.0, 0.9, and maybe 0.8 systems, but leave the individual frigate stats/behaviors alone.


Was you in a competition with yourself trying to use the comment “Triglavian Belt Rats” as many times as possible in your post?

Anyways… I may be wrong here but I dont think that they appear in all systems, perhaps move a few systems away and perhaps the Triglavian Belt Rats wont appear

Usually you are on the spot, but this is just ignorant.

1st, unless you are in an Orca, you cannot AFK mine, you can only be at the keyboard or BOT.

AFK doesn’t work because you have to keep moving ore.

So this change only punished people in smaller ships or are not AFK, it doesn’t hurt the AFK Orcas at all.

Think before you post.

So new players who want to mine need a mining ship, a hauler and a combat ship?


No. They just need the mining ship and the discipline to flee.

I think it’s kind of funny that [edit: OP] is complaining that five ships built for shooting ships are stronger than your one ship build for shooting rocks

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That’s an option, yes. But you seem to have skipped over an important part of my reply:

(emphasis added)

They can also just go mine somewhere else. It’s not like every belt in every system is crawling with Triglavian spawns.

You should quit your job and become a game designer! You are PRO!.

Fleeing every 5 minutes is a fun way to play.


Lets add these rats to L1-4 mission sites.

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