Triglavian belt rats are too hard to kill

If you can’t mine efficiently in highsec then perhaps you should take the hint and leave highsec.

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I have actually. And I agree if you try to find another belt in the same system it is quite maddening. And I agree that the spawns should probably be toned down in higher security systems (0.8 and up).

I should have been more clear, but when I said scout out another belt, I should have said scout out a belt in another system. The Triglavian spawns tend to be localized to certain systems, it’s not like they’re spawning everywhere in hisec all the time. It’s not a whole lot of effort to find another system nearby without Triglavians spawning and mine there.

I’m with you on this and I don’t see this as a whine. It is definitely a change in game mechanics by CCP and I think it could stand to be toned down, but I also think that some change in how players respond is appropriate.

They aren’t that bad. More of a nuisance, really. I mine in high sec every day. Sometimes I’m in a belt for over an hour before the Trigs show up. Sometimes they show up in five minutes. Just set up bookmarks inside each belt of the system that you mine in, and when they show up, simply warp to the next belt and you are back to mining in less than a minute.

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You can shred them with a light combat ship, and they seem to prioritize such. I recommend a T3D, which is about 2 weeks to train sufficiently. The Jackdaw is a good choice, you probably already have shield skills for your miners. Assault frigs like the Hawk/Harpy are also good.
Bonus: You can swap in/out of one from your Orca maintenance bay.

The diamond rats (FOB rats) are considerably more dangerous.

I’ve been mining in macks and orca support.

Still don’t understand what the problem is for barge capable players. I haven’t seen anything that cannot be tackled by a flight of light drones. Let alone a combat ship or skiff/orca.

Whilst trigs suck for new players and are doing a job that should have been for the players, anyone paying attention and not in a paper thin ship should be fine.


This older thread seems to have some information on how to fight them using drones. OP in the thread was looking for help not losing mining drones, but later posts have information on using light combat drones to kill the trigs.

I agree those MFers wont let you mine in peace. they need a rework.

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I think that is the point of them.

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I like it when they show up…I don’t think they need to change a thing. Maybe just change your perspective. I’m usually pretty happy when they show up, because mining is boring, and the loot/salvage is usually worth it.

When that happens to me while not in an Orca, I bounce back to the station, grab a different ship, go kill them and loot/salvage, then go back and grab the miner and continue what I was doing. Done.

When I am in an Orca, I just recall the miners and pop out a Gecko. Easy peasy.

Seriously. Just be ready to recall drones and bounce if some trigs show up. That’s it. Mining drones are cheap. Have plenty of spares. Also, I almost never lose them unless I am not paying attention, so maybe you could pay attention more.

Also, I don’t use alts, so I do understand why you are frustrated, but every obstacle has a best way to overcome it. Trying to make them change the game so you have an easier time of things, is the lazy way.


The rise of fleemining! \o/

In my experience they don’t actually show every 5 minutes, though.

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Orca miner thinks everything is ok.


I wouldn’t even need the minerals. All someone would have to do, is ask, and I would do that just for the fun/loot/salvage.

Leave highsec.
Never see NPCs again.
Mine lots.

Yeah, it is a fun game.

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I only go to HS for market.

I tried to get a friend to play, he wanted to mine. Ok.

Get him setup and he lasted 10 minutes.

So I went and checked it out, it is a total joke when you consider mining is one of the few new player careers.

Sure it is no problem for one of us, for new players, the mining NPE is borked.

Sure all the pixel macho men in this thread can kill those rats, but that is not the topic.

And all not pixel macho men can escape; have done this with a non-tanked Retriever as well from full stop.

Since you friend died, either he was AFK or you failed to alert him about Triglavians.

They don’t show every 5 minutes. I used Retriever only twice currently, but in one of those cycles they did not show up at all before ore hold was filled completely - and at this point you still need to flee.

They patrol from belt to belt, I suppose the more belts the longer it takes.

In any case whether it is 5 or 15 really doesn’t matter.

Having a New Player Career that has rats that are 100% impossible for the new player to kill is just bad game design.

And the worst is the supposed excuse, AFK mining, is not affected because those guys are in Orcas.

In fact the only people, which you can see reading this thread, that are affected, are new players.

The rest of us know what to do.

Yeah, maybe the sheer amount of moons around the gas planet here saved me from their presence.

Totally agree that new players are affected, since they don’t know that those rats will kill them fast. But AFK Orcas also die.

Okay, saying it this way has my attention.

Some questions (and I’m asking these legitimately to anyone who knows, I’m not trying to be sarcastic or make a point):

  1. Do these roaming Triglavian groups always spawn in the same system, or do the systems they spawn in change from time to time?
  2. Do these Triglavian groups commonly spawn in neighboring systems, or is it possible to jump one gate and avoid them altogether?
  3. Do Incursions spawn in new players systems, and if they do, are new player activities like mining significantly impacted during an Incursion?

I think they spawn in all systems, regardless of incursion status.