Triglavian Homesteaders

I propose that we stop talking about the Triglavian invasion and we start talking about the Triglavian homestead, now known as the region of Pochven. The invasion ended.

It is Dorito Space. End of discussion. :slight_smile:

I thought it was Trigonometry.


Manifest Dorito Destiny?

taz or top?

T-Space, same as known space if K-Space, etc, etc.

My point is not what the space is called. I just want to point out that we shouldn’t call them “invaders” anymore.


You should go with the name you created.

I just seen a fleet of them in a non invasion system, camping a gate in high sec.


|-| or 1-1
learn your H’s

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It seems like you should only be able to mine tritanium in Poch-sec.


Its a 3-some

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So, I wonder if they are related to the game stop commercial of the son and dad with 3 arms.
tri -glav- ian after all

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hmm, not sure about glaive… but a decent 3rd leg joke

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